Katy Perry 'not a bully,' says 'American Idol' finalist after controversial season

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While Iam Tongi cashed successful arsenic the "American Idol" victor of the 2023 season, contention astir justice Katy Perry exploded similar a firework implicit her sometimes harsh disapproval of contestants. 

Now that the play is over, finalist and apical 8 contestant Oliver Steele is debunking rumors that Perry is simply a bully.

"I’ve seen a batch of rumors going astir the net astir Katy Perry perchance leaving idol and I don’t needfully cognize what’s existent and what’s not. Here is what I cognize astir [her]. Katy is not a bully, nor does she shame people," helium wrote to his Instagram, on with photos of him and Perry.

"I retrieve being tense astatine my audition, tense during Hollywood week, hellhole adjacent tense passim assorted points successful the competition. Katy has an unthinkable quality to not conscionable archer what affectional authorities you’re in, but to beryllium capable to archer what’s holding you back. I emotion each the judges, but Katy ever seemed to beryllium capable to look into my psyche and archer precisely what was troubling me, oregon what it was I was struggling with," helium continued.

Katy Perry looking shocked connected  the acceptable   of American Idol divided  Katy Perry smiling for the camera connected  the acceptable   of American Idol during unrecorded  amusement   divided  Katy Perry looking confused during American Idol auditions

Katy Perry has faced immense disapproval connected this play of American Idol. (ABC/The Walt Disney Company/Eric McCandless)


Steele complimented the "Roar" singer, writing, "It's 1 happening to thatch idiosyncratic to judge successful their ability, which the judges are fabulous at. Katy reminded maine to judge successful who I americium arsenic an artist. She challenged maine to propulsion myself, to instrumentality connected challenges that made maine uncomfortable. I'm a amended instrumentalist and creator aft Katy Perry pushed maine to judge successful my potential, and to transcend my limitations."

The instrumentalist implored Perry to enactment with the show, amid rumors that she is contemplating quitting the program. Some fans of the amusement person called for her termination, wishing for her to beryllium replaced by vocalist Alanis Morisette.


"You’re a guiding light, an unthinkable teacher," Steele concluded. "And you made maine judge that I americium my ain hero. Thank you for everything."

Host Ryan Seacrest stands connected  signifier    with "American Idol" contestant Oliver Steele successful  a beanie and holding a guitar

Oliver Steele, right, who made it to the apical 8 this play connected "American Idol," defended the arguable judge. (ABC/Eric McCandless)


A typical for Perry did not instantly instrumentality Fox News Digital's petition for comment.

Season 21 was a media circus for Perry arsenic she astatine times was booed by fans. She was accused of "mom-shaming" contestant Sara Beth Liebe during auditions.

Sara Beth Liebe sings successful  auditions for "American Idol" divided  Katy Perry looks unimpressed during her audition

Things started to diminution aft Katy Perry, right, was accused of 'mom-shaming' contestant Sara Beth Liebe. (American Idol/YouTube)


Liebe told the judges that astatine 25, she was a parent to 3 children. 

"Honey, you’ve been laying connected the array excessively much," Perry told the contestant, successful a infinitesimal that sent fans into a fury connected societal media.

ABC has not clarified erstwhile play 22 volition premiere, though the contention amusement has been renewed.

Perry judges alongside musicians Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

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