Life Finds a Way to Make Jurassic Park Even Cooler With New Transformers Mashups

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They’re going to beryllium making sequels to Jurassic Park until the extremity of time, and hopefully 1 of them takes inspiration from the caller Hasbro Transformers x Jurassic Park mashups, which present see a Dilophosaurus and a Jeep Wrangler that alteration into robots—finally giving visitors a warring accidental erstwhile the park’s residents inevitably flight and hunt for a meal.

A Transformer Is Headed to the Moon

Hasbro has been doing these Transformers collaborations for a fewer years now, with memorable releases including bots inspired by Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, and adjacent the animated X-Men series. For Jurassic Park fans, a collaboration backmost successful 2021 stands retired arsenic 1 of the highlights, recreating the film’s iconic T. rex circuit conveyance onslaught scene, but with a Cybertronian twist. The T. rex transformed into the formidable Decepticon Tyrannocon Rex, portion the Ford Explorer circuit conveyance transformed into Autobot JP93 wearing a recreation of Alan Grant’s hat, and wielding crippled warden Robert Muldoon’s SPAS-12 shotgun.

The Hasbro Jurassic Park Decepticon Dilophocon and Autobot JP12 figures successful  their robot and alt modes.

The Decepticon Dilophocon’s 2 translation modes (left) and the Autobot JP12's 2 translation modes.Image: Hasbro, NBC Universal

For the 40th day of Jurassic Park, we’re getting different dino vs. conveyance Transformers mashup, but this clip based connected the country wherever Dennis Nedry has an unfortunate run-in with a Dilophosaurus who has nary involvement successful playing fetch. The two-pack includes the caller Decepticon Dilophocon who transforms from Dilophosaurus to robot successful 20 steps and includes a “venom blast effect” accessory, and the Autobot JP12, based connected the Jeep Wrangler Sahara unit vehicle, that converts to its robot mode successful 23 steps.

A collage of 4  images featuring the Transformers x Jurassic Park figures successful  jungle decorated dioramas.

Image: Hasbro, NBC Universal

JP12 appears to beryllium loosely based connected Nedry, with a rainfall hat, glasses, and a tin of Barbasol shaving pick that’s presumably filled with stolen dinosaur embryos—which is benignant of confusing fixed JP12 identifies arsenic an Autobot. Maybe the Autobots are looking to rewrite the Dinobots’ root story? We can’t accidental for sure.

The Hasbro Jurassic Park Decepticon Dilophocon and Autobot JP12 two-pack's packaging.

The Decepticon Dilophocon and Autobot JP12 two-pack’s packaging.Image: Hasbro, NBC Universal

The Transformers Collaborative Jurassic Park x Transformers Dilophocon and Autobot JP12 acceptable is disposable starting contiguous and is priced a small cheaper than 2021's Jurassic Park mashup, astatine $75. Starting astatine 1:00 p.m. EST, you tin bid it done the Hasbro Pulse online store, oregon through Amazon.

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