Life-Sized LEGO Vehicles - LEGOLAND Debuts a New Full-Sized Ferrari Monza SP1 Made with LEGOS (

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LEGOLAND Billund Resorts has created a life-sized, full-scale LEGO Ferrari Monza SP1, which volition beryllium a portion of its caller Build and Race accumulation that opens successful the summertime of 2023. The artifact operation was designed to mimic the Monza's almighty V12 engine, robust wheels, sturdy tires, broadside mirrors, and licence sheet utilizing LEGO bricks.

The unrecorded accumulation volition spot attendees assemble their precise ain Ferrari creation, which volition past beryllium tested connected a integer racetrack resembling the automotive brand's investigating grounds successful Fiorano, Italy.

“Ferrari is simply a world-known brand, mounting the modular for luxury and excellence wrong the automotive world, and we are looking guardant to presenting a brand-new benignant of interactive attraction successful collaboration with Ferrari,” LEGOLAND® Billund CEO Christian Woller commented.

Image Credit: Ferrari, hypebeast, legoland

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