Liquified Persian Textile Rugs - SAY TOUCHÉ Unveils the 'Liquified Persian Rug' in Three Colorways (

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SAY TOUCHÉ, a South Korean plan brand, has unveiled its newest location offering, the 'Liquified Persian Rug.' Arriving successful 3 colorways of black, green, and burgundy, the rug adopts a dynamic signifier that makes it look arsenic though it is liquid. The rug is covered successful a accepted Persian signifier with ornamental and floral detailing throughout. It is versatile and suits immoderate surviving space, whether it is paired with a bold sofa oregon a classical bedspread.

SAY TOUCHÉ is driven by the thought of “a plan connected the bound betwixt a merchandise and artwork.” The marque is known for its standout stools, tables, mirrors, and lamps, which adhd an eclectic interaction to immoderate surviving space.

The 'Liquified Person Rug' volition debut successful the coming weeks connected the SAY TOUCHÉ website. The rug is priced astatine $680 USD.

Image Credit: SAY TOUCHÉ, hypebeast,

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