Little Caesars’ Pretzel Crust Pizza Is Back on the Menu

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In 2014, Little Caesars helped alteration the crippled for anyone who had ever experienced a craving for some soft pretzels and pizza astatine the aforesaid time. It was pizza with a pretzel crust, and it was glorious. 

But, arsenic is the mode with truthful galore adventurous fast nutrient items, Pretzel Crust Pizza has lone ever occupied Little Caesars’ paper for impermanent stints. And each clip it disappears, fans imagination of the time erstwhile it volition erstwhile again grace their palates. After Little Caesars tweeted, “so, um, what should I archer the brag to bring backmost successful 2023?” successful December 2022, Twitter users flooded the replies with demands for the hot-and-ready hybrid.

Those hopefuls person present gotten their wish. As Food & Wine reports, the pizza franchise reintroduced Pretzel Crust Pizza connected March 27.

little caesars' pretzel crust pizza

Pretzels and pizza spell unneurotic similar the words 'hot' and 'ready.' / Little Caesars

“We are thankful to person countless Pretzel Crust Pizza fans that are highly vocal astir their emotion for this product,” Greg Hamilton, Little Caesars’ main selling officer, said successful a press release. “Despite bringing it backmost respective times, it feels similar the pretzel fervor has not waned. We’re bracing ourselves for the predictable outcry connected societal media erstwhile it yet goes distant again.”

In summation to its salty pretzel crust, the pizza besides boasts cheddar food condiment successful lieu of regular herb condiment (though you tin bid it with herb sauce). There’s adjacent a mentation successful which the crust is stuffed with cheese, too. 

Pretzel Crust Pizza is lone disposable for a constricted clip this go-around—and arsenic the extremity day hasn’t been announced, it’s astir apt champion to dainty yourself to a pastry sooner alternatively than later.

[h/t Food & Wine]

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