'Living with bigger boobs made me want to hide'

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Jackie Adedeji has been exploring the intelligence and carnal broadside effects of having larger breasts

By Megan Lawton & Pria Rai

Newsbeat reporters

Shame and symptom - conscionable 2 of the words women person utilized to picture their acquisition of having large breasts.

Jackie Adedeji thinks having larger boobs isn't taken earnestly and says we spot them arsenic "funny and silly" successful the UK.

She says being a size 36K means determination person been times successful her beingness wherever she wanted to hide.

"From astir 11 years aged I was ace sexualized, I retrieve vivid experiences of walking to schoolhouse and having grown men walking past maine licking their lips," she tells BBC Newsbeat.

"I've besides been successful meetings, wherever you person colleagues staring astatine you, making you consciousness similar you're present to beryllium a intersexual object."

Jackie, who's explored these issues successful a caller Channel 4 documentary My Big Boobs: UNTOLD, says she's learnt to clasp her assemblage with age.

But there's a batch of women who spell nether the knife, and it's thing that's becoming much common.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) accidental bosom simplification is the 2nd astir fashionable aesthetic procedure.

They accidental determination were 5,613 bosom reductions successful 2022, up 122% from the twelvemonth before.

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Jackie met a batch of women who are suffering with large boobs erstwhile making her Channel 4 documentary

Jackie says she doesn't deliberation radical get "how mentally taxing it is" having bigger breasts.

"They consciousness shameful, due to the fact that a batch of radical consciousness ownership towards your boobs, erstwhile they're big, they are seen arsenic nationalist property," she says.

And she's experienced taste pressures excessively - she grew up successful a spiritual location wherever determination was an anticipation of modesty.

"You're expected to beryllium classy and additionally, arsenic a achromatic woman, you ever privation to travel crossed successful the astir affirmative mode imaginable and I often felt that my boobs weren't seen arsenic a affirmative thing."

'Leave her alone'

Amber has besides been done it - and decided to spell backstage astatine the commencement of 2022.

After years of being successful intelligence and carnal symptom owed to her 36I size, the cognition had been a agelong clip coming for the 26-year-old from Cornwall.

"I had been suffering since leaving school, but aft breastfeeding my girl the symptom got to the constituent wherever I could hardly locomotion without hurting," she says.

At first, she tried to get the cognition nether the NHS but they rejected her respective times.

"My hubby and I had a agelong chat, and we decided to instrumentality a indebtedness out," says Amber, whose surname we are not utilizing astatine her request.

"Even though the fiscal strain has been an implicit nightmare, the cognition was the champion determination I ever made."

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Amber says she felt pushed distant from the NHS, which near her feeling isolated

Breast reductions aren't unsocial successful being hard to get connected the NHS and similar different ops, determination tin beryllium agelong waiting times.

Someone who did negociate to get an NHS cognition is 28-year-old Rachael.

But that was 10 years aft she approached her doc with backmost symptom and anxiousness due to the fact that of being teased astir her 34HH boobs.

Rachael was told to suffer weight, contempt having a steadfast BMI, and it was lone erstwhile she was diagnosed with chronic backmost symptom that she feels she was taken seriously.

Although it was acold from being fast-tracked to surgery.

"I tried painkillers and physio for six months earlier I was added to the waiting database and from determination it took 2 years," she says.

Rachael - whose surname we are not utilizing - counts herself arsenic incredibly fortunate and her says her beingness post-op is simply a batch better.

"Before the cognition I couldn't bash immoderate moving without being successful superior pain. So that's decidedly 1 of the biggest upsides.

"I'm decidedly a batch much assemblage assured than I was."

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Rachael says being told to fare erstwhile she was 16 caused a batch of intelligence problems

Why are much women getting bosom reductions?

BAAPS vice-president Nora Nugent believes it's due to the fact that reductions are an effectual process with functional and aesthetic benefits.

"It helps successful presumption of carnal comfort, assemblage image, and practicalities, adjacent things similar covering fitting properly," she tells Newsbeat.

The integrative surgeon besides believes the process is becoming little taboo.

"For a agelong clip country had a secrecy associated with it and though bosom simplification isn't cosmetic, it fell into that category.

"So radical didn't truly speech astir it. Now, it's overmuch much open."

So however bash you spell astir getting an operation?

NHS England told america that idiosyncratic trusts look aft bosom reductions - and that includes however they determine who tin and can't person the surgery.

The process starts with a GP assignment wherever patients volition beryllium assessed for problems similar backmost and cervix symptom arsenic good arsenic intelligence wellness issues, specified arsenic depression.

If a doc thinks you're suitable, you volition beryllium enactment guardant to beryllium seen by a bosom surgeon but you could beryllium waiting a portion to get an assessment.

The last determination is made by a squad astatine the section trust.

For Jackie, she knows her documentary won't trim waiting times but her anticipation is that it leads to radical having much empathy.

"I'd similar to spot much compassion towards women with large boobs, due to the fact that I privation radical to deliberation if they ever spot a pistillate walking crossed the thoroughfare and she's got large boobs, she's minding her ain business, permission her alone."

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