Maggie Haberman Reveals How Trump Org Employees Celebrated Trump Indictment

2 months ago 6

New York Times newsman Maggie Haberman connected Friday said Trump Organization employees were secretly celebrating erstwhile President Donald Trump’s indictment successful the Stormy Daniels hush wealth case.

“They were texting me, and determination is simply a agelong way of radical who consciousness burned, successful 1 mode oregon another, by Donald Trump,” said Haberman, an expert connected CNN.

“We surely saw that successful the White House. This was a signifier that existed for decades successful the Trump Organization,” she continued. “And the fig of radical I heard from yesterday who worked for his institution who were truly happy, 1 idiosyncratic texted with the words, ‘Wonderful news.’”

“That truly benignant of tells you thing astir wherever these folks’ heads are,” Haberman added.

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