Magical Shooter Games - Immortals of Aveum from Ascendant Studios is a Fantasy FPS Game (

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Ascendant Studios and EA Games announced 'Immortals of Aveum,' an upcoming phantasy first-person shooter game. In Immortals of Aveum, you play arsenic Jak, a late-bloomer who discovers his magical powers and joins a radical of elite warriors who combat with magic. The crippled takes spot successful a caller and archetypal satellite wherever magic is everyplace and warfare is raging, and you tin usage 3 antithetic types of magic - blue, green, and reddish - to unleash almighty spells and combos. The crippled is made by Ascendant Studios, a caller squad of experienced crippled developers, and published by Electronic Arts arsenic portion of their EA Originals program.

The crippled volition travel retired connected July 20, 2023 connected PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC via the EA App, Steam and the Epic Games Store. You tin pre-order the crippled present for $59.99 USD for the regular mentation oregon $79.99 USD for the deluxe version, which comes with a peculiar in-game item, a integer creation book, a integer soundtrack, and an other mission. Immortals of Aveum aims to connection a unsocial and cinematic escapade that challenges the norms of FPS games and draws you into a captivating communicative with memorable characters.

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