Make Cinnamon Extract With Only Two Ingredients

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It’s somewhat communal cognition that I boost my baked goods with almond extract alternatively of, oregon successful tandem with, vanilla. But present I’ve added a 3rd extract to the extravaganza: cinnamon. Beyond being an breathtaking summation to your spirit toolkit, you tin marque cinnamon extract astatine location connected the cheap, and successful 2 elemental steps.

You request 2 ingredients: a tiny magnitude of vodka (or comparatively flavorless alcohol), and a fewer cinnamon sticks. Both of these items should beryllium reasonably bully quality. It’s hard to fell subpar ingredients successful a look with truthful fewer ingredients, arsenic determination are nary different components for them to fell behind. Luckily, extracts are concentrated, truthful you don’t request a batch of either constituent to marque a decent magnitude of cinnamon extract.

Day 0. Vodka and cinnamon sticks.

Day 0. Vodka and cinnamon sticks. Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

In a small, but tall, solid instrumentality with a resealable lid, driblet successful 2 oregon 3 cinnamon sticks. Pour 5 ounces (about ⅔ cup) of vodka implicit the sticks. The liquid should screen the cinnamon sticks. I had a astir bare solid jar of Simply Organic cinnamon sticks, truthful I conscionable poured vodka implicit the remaining sticks until the jar was full. If you person a larger vessel, you tin marque a larger batch of this extract, but support successful caput that that is simply a ton of extract, truthful I anticipation you emotion it.

Day 14. Cinnamon extract.

Day 14. Cinnamon extract.Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

Step 2 is the hard part. You wait. It takes astatine slightest 2 weeks for the vodka to beryllium infused with capable cinnamon compounds wherever it tin spirit nutrient effectively. Steeping the sticks for longer, astir 5 weeks, led to a sufficiently beardown extract. I noticed a overmuch darker color, stronger smell, and higher potency erstwhile I added it to foods similar oatmeal oregon shakes. Once you’ve reached the 4 oregon five-week mark, region the sticks and discard them.

Day 35. Cinnamon extract.

Day 35. Cinnamon extract. Photo: Allie Chanthorn Reinmann

Although galore high-end commercial extracts tin nutrient fine, nuanced flavors, I’ve recovered this homemade infusion to beryllium fantabulous for my purposes. Use a dash of cinnamon extract to spirit frostings, cookies and cakes, lukewarm and spicy sauces, oregon French toast. It’s particularly utile successful liquids wherever you’d alternatively not person cinnamon pulverization clumping oregon settling into a muddy paste. Try it successful cocktails, coffee, and custards. With vanilla, almond, and cinnamon by your side, you’ve got a coagulated lineup of lukewarm aromatics.

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