Make summer deep cleaning a breeze with $250 off the Dyson Outsize+

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SAVE $250: As of June 1, the Dyson Outsize+ vacuum(opens successful a caller tab) is connected merchantability for $699.99, oregon 26% disconnected the archetypal $949.99 retail price. Find it astatine Amazon(opens successful a caller tab) and astatine Dyson(opens successful a caller tab).

A woody connected 1 of Dyson's astir powerful, long-running, technology-loaded vacuums is here, conscionable successful clip for your large summertime clean. The Outsize+(opens successful a caller tab) detangles hair, has a bigger bin than the V15 Detect model, and comes equipped with a laser that illuminates each that sneaky, microscopic dust. Your recently glistening floors volition convey you for the purchase.

As of June 1, the Dyson Outsize+ is connected sale(opens successful a caller tab) astatine Amazon(opens successful a caller tab) and Dyson(opens successful a caller tab) for $699.99, down from $949.99. That's a markdown of $250 (26% disconnected of the archetypal price) and the lowest price(opens successful a caller tab) we've seen connected this model. For reference, the comparative V15 Detect(opens successful a caller tab) presently sells for $642.94 astatine Amazon, but it has fractional of the Outsize+'s tally clip and 120 versus 220 aerial watts of suction power. If you request large suction powerfulness and a large dustbin to match, this one's for you.

As if lasers, mighty suction, and applause-worthy artillery beingness aren't enough, the Outsize+ besides boasts a hairsbreadth screw instrumentality that picks up canine (and human) hair, six-layer filtration, and a Digital Motorbar XL cleaner caput that's 25% wider than what the V15 Detect has. The Outsize+, careless of its monicker, is inactive lightweight (only 1 lb heavier than its V15 Detect cousin) and designed with easiness of usage successful mind. Lift it successful 1 casual question from a partition dock, rapidly bare retired the bin's contents with the "point and shoot" feature, and alteration betwixt its 2 artillery packs with the property of a button.

Note though that if 7.9 pounds is not airy capable for you, Dyson's different products similar the 5.2-pound V12 Detect Slim(opens successful a caller tab) (which we reviewed and loved) and 5.6-pound V8(opens successful a caller tab) cordless vacuums mightiness beryllium amended alternatives — without costing a precise literal limb and leg.

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