Mark out of 10? Best away support? Fans on PL season

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Manchester City fans celebrateManchester City scored the astir goals (94), conceded the joint-fewest (33, with Newcastle) and won much games (28) than immoderate different broadside connected their mode to a 3rd consecutive Premier League title

The 2022-23 Premier League play is successful the past books with a grounds fig of managerial casualties, the accustomed array of play and an unprecedented six weeks disconnected for the World Cup.

BBC Sport's instrumentality assemblage person been providing investigation the full mode through, truthful we asked for their verdicts connected their club's campaign.


Oli Price-Bates, The Fresh Arsenal podcastexternal-link

  • Season rating: 8.5/10. We surpassed each expectations, with lone mediocre performances successful the cups and not winning the league is what stops it from being a 10.
  • Happy with your manager? Of course! Mikel Arteta inactive has things to learn, but helium has been pivotal successful reconnecting the fans with this squad and bringing Champions League shot backmost to the club.
  • Player you'd astir similar to sign: Declan Rice. It would beryllium a connection signing. Premier League proven and 1 of the champion midfielders successful the division.
  • Best distant fans: Southampton. They took a 2-0 and 3-1 pb astatine Emirates Stadium, and that surely fuelled their noise.

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Aston Villa

David Michael, My Old Man Saidexternal-link

  • Season rating: 9/10. Overall, you would people it an eight, but successful the discourse of Unai Emery's 'zeroes-to-heroes' impact, it deserves more. Villa are a antithetic nine now.
  • Happy with your manager? It is arsenic bully arsenic it tin get for Villa successful modern time football.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: No standout name. You would expect a clump of signings. It volition beryllium hard to vie with the Champions League teams successful the market, but I expect immoderate decent La Liga players volition beryllium convinced by Villa's genuine momentum and Spanish backroom set-up.
  • Best distant fans: Stevenage successful the FA Cup.

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Craig Beazley, UTCIADexternal-link

  • Season rating: 8/10. Safety achieved mode earlier than expected. After the 9-0 thrashing by Liverpool, that was thing adjacent the astir optimistic Cherries instrumentality astir apt could not person imagined.Happy with your manager? Gary O'Neil has had his critics but has got the occupation done good successful beforehand of what was expected. I was dreading our play coming down to Everton away, but thankfully it did not person to. Gary has made immoderate mistakes arsenic expected, but helium has learned from those. If Scott Parker had been successful charge, we astir apt would beryllium preparing for the Championship again.Player you would astir similar to sign: Michael Olise from Crystal Palace. What a aboriginal helium has. He was exceptional against america this season. There is astir apt nary chance, but we would invited him - and helium would similar it here.Best distant fans: Leeds United. Even erstwhile they were playing poorly they kept singing and were the champion vocally - with a peculiar notation to Arsenal fans astatine the commencement of the season.

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Ian Westbrook, Beesotted podcastexternal-link

  • Season rating: 11/10! Our play could person hardly gone overmuch better. We did not suffice for Europe, but for Brentford to decorativeness comfortably wrong the apical 10 successful the Premier League, bash the treble implicit Manchester City, triumph astatine Chelsea and Tottenham, and besides bushed Manchester United and Liverpool astatine home, is the worldly of dreams.
  • Happy with your manager? Of course! And helium seems precise blessed with america too. Thomas Frank has achieved miracles and his rousing post-match code connected Sunday suggests helium is bare for more.
  • Player you'd astir similar to sign: Coventry City's Viktor Gyokeres. We person breathtaking forwards - adjacent without Ivan Toney portion helium is banned - but request 1 much and helium would acceptable successful perfectly.
  • Best distant fans: Newcastle supporters ne'er stopped singing.

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Brighton & Hove Albion

Scott McCarthy, We Are Brightonexternal-link

  • Season rating: 10/10.
  • Happy with your manager? In little than a year, and with nary large signings of his own, Roberto de Zerbi has taken Brighton to heights ne'er reached before. He is simply a marvel destined for greatness.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: Levi Colwill. He has the imaginable to beryllium a mainstay of England's defence for the adjacent 15 years. It volition beryllium an utter discarded of a endowment if helium goes backmost to Chelsea and sits connected the bench.
  • Best distant fans: Everton. Although it is astir apt rather casual to beryllium buoyant erstwhile your squad - 19th successful the array astatine the clip and having lone scored 16 goals successful 5 months - are 5-1 up distant from home.

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Mason MountMason Mount could permission Chelsea this summertime aft 195 appearances for his boyhood club

Will Faulks, Chelsea Newsexternal-link

  • Season rating: 1/10.
  • Happy with your manager? Mauricio Pochettino seems similar the benignant of manager to springiness a talented radical immoderate squad tone and immoderate confidence. Whether helium tin really propulsion it disconnected is different question.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: Mason Mount.
  • Best distant fans: So galore teams won a archetypal oregon a uncommon triumph astatine Stamford Bridge this play that determination was plentifulness of excited travelling support. Borussia Dortmund were thing else, contempt being 1 of the teams we managed to beat.

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Crystal Palace

Alex Pewter, Five Year Plan podcastexternal-link

  • Season rating: 7/10. Finishing 11th was astir apt fair, adjacent if the travel getting determination was undulating and stressful successful parts.
  • Happy with your manager? The 2nd coming of Roy Hodgson has been an unmitigated success. The upturn successful subordinate performances has near the nine successful a overmuch stronger presumption regarding transportation value. The shot is apt successful his tribunal implicit whether helium stays on.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: Recency bias beryllium damned, but with the play absorption connected the Championship play-off final, Coventry City guardant Viktor Gyokeres has to beryllium getting attention. His signifier whitethorn person lifted his terms extracurricular of Palace's constricted budget, however.
  • Best distant fans: The fixture database saved the champion until past - Nottingham Forest fans turned up to observe Premier League endurance connected Sunday, inflatables and all. I uncertainty immoderate effect would person dented their temper oregon noise.

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Mike Richards, Unholy Trinityexternal-link

  • Season rating: 1/10. Not definite however I tin people it immoderate higher.
  • Happy with your manager? Sean Dyche was tasked with redeeming america and helium did. He deserves to enactment connected and person the accidental to physique a coagulated side.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: Not adjacent thought astir imaginable signings fixed we were not definite what league we'd beryllium in. One happening is for sure, a centre-forward oregon 2 is apical of the list. Step guardant Viktor Gyokeres.
  • Best distant fans: Everton fans erstwhile we travel. There is simply a batch of mendacious sound astir definite sides and their large distant following. Don't deliberation immoderate shone astatine Goodison Park, truthful we volition instrumentality that award.

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Sammy James, Fulhamishexternal-link

  • Season rating: 9/10. It would person been 10 if we hadn't spectacularly thrown it distant successful the FA Cup quarter-final.
  • Happy with your manager? Very happy. Marco Silva fits Fulham similar a glove. We request him to motion a caller declaration arsenic soon arsenic possible.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: Call maine sentimental, but I'd emotion to person Fabio Carvalho backmost astatine Fulham. It's a travesty to spot him discarded distant astatine Liverpool erstwhile helium could person been a starter for america this season. Bring him home.
  • Best distant fans: None peculiarly basal out, but the video of Wolves fans astatine Fulham spotting Gary Neville successful the Craven Cottage TV workplace and giving him pelters for 90 minutes was peculiarly funny.

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Leeds United

Adonis Storr, The Roaring Peacockexternal-link

  • Season rating: 1/10.
  • Happy with your manager? The 3 (plus 1 interim) managers this play person each failed successful their ain ways - peculiarly Jesse Marsch. It would ever person been pugnacious to travel Marcelo Bielsa, but the velocity astatine which helium dismantled each the bully enactment done by the Argentine was painfully impressive.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: James Milner. I was successful the assemblage erstwhile helium made his location debut. He has deserved his trophy-laden career, but to travel backmost location and pb Leeds to promotion would headdress it off.
  • Best distant fans: Newcastle United. I can't unreal not to beryllium jealous. Reminds maine of 20 years ago, erstwhile Leeds played nether David O'Leary and were seemingly connected a never-ending upward trajectory.

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Leicester City

Chris Forryan, Leicester Till I Dieexternal-link

  • Season rating: A large abdominous 0/10. There is simply thing bully to accidental astir the club, the owners, the absorption oregon the players.
  • Happy with your manager? I consciousness atrocious for Dean Smith. He was handed an intolerable task but helium got america 9 points from a imaginable 24 - an astir 10% summation connected what Brendan Rodgers achieved successful 28 games. Will helium beryllium present adjacent season? We could bash worse.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: Please nary much amusement ponies. Young, bare endowment who volition amusement pridefulness to play for the club.
  • Best distant fans: It's ever bully erstwhile Newcastle sojourn town. I privation them good successful the Champions League and to transportation connected smashing the 'big six' clubs.

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Jordan Chamberlain, Empire of the Kopexternal-link

  • Season rating: 3/10. From astir winning a quadruple to dropping retired of cups and a fifth-placed finish. If anything, 3 is kind, though determination person inactive been immoderate oddly fantastic moments.
  • Happy with your manager? Yes. He's the champion happening that's happened to Liverpool successful 20 years and the lone crushed fans person not afloat turned connected the owners for their inability to bargain from a presumption of strength.
  • Player you'd astir similar to sign: Given Alexis Mac Allister is each but done, I would emotion his Brighton team-mate Moises Caicedo. Obviously Jude Bellingham is the 1 everyone wants, but that vessel has sailed.
  • Best distant fans: Fans who don't sing astir poorness and Hillsborough are appreciated. It's not an particularly pugnacious ask, but you would beryllium amazed however galore distant fans bash it. It's sadly astir apt growing. I've lone got bully things to accidental astir Crystal Palace fans, though. They're great.

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Manchester City

Nigel Rothband, The Man City Show podcastexternal-link

  • Season rating: At the clip of penning I would springiness 9/10, though with 2 monolithic cupful finals inactive to play, it whitethorn go City's champion ever play - and that would go 10/10.
  • Happy with your manager? Pep Guardiola is simply the champion manager connected the satellite and the thought of him leaving Etihad Stadium anytime soon fills maine with dread.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: It depends if Ilkay Gundogan and/or Bernardo Silva permission this summer. In immoderate case, I've ever enjoyed watching Alexis Mac Allister astatine Brighton. I deliberation he'd beryllium a large summation to the squad - and playing the Pep way, you tin ne'er person excessively galore midfielders.
  • Best distant fans: Brentford made a large sound - however other did they bushed us?!

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Manchester United

Alex Turk, Stretford Paddockexternal-link

  • Season rating: 8/10. As acold arsenic archetypal seasons instantly aft the club's worst ever run go, you could not person asked for a amended commencement nether Erik 10 Hag - careless of the FA Cup outcome.
  • Happy with your manager? I'm convinced Ten Hag - nether caller owners - is the antheral to usher United backmost to the apical of English football.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: Remember Robin van Persie's impact? Harry Kane's accomplishment could marque past repetition itself.
  • Best distant fans: Real Betis braved a snowstorm successful Manchester and contributed large chants, spinning flags and greenish fume to the Old Trafford atmosphere.

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Newcastle United

Matty Renton, The Magpie Channel TVexternal-link

  • Season rating: 10/10. To spell from a relegation conflict to the Champions League successful 1 play is unbelievable.
  • Happy with your manager? That would beryllium an understatement. Eddie Howe is manager of the play by a mile.
  • Player you'd astir similar to sign: Declan Rice. But he's astir apt signing for Arsenal, truthful I'll spell for James Maddison. He would bring immoderate existent creativity to our broadside for the strikers and gets among the goals himself.
  • Best distant fans: Probably Leeds, though Nottingham Forest were good up for it connected the opening time for their archetypal crippled backmost successful the large time.

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Nottingham Forest

Dean HendersonDean Henderson kept six cleanable sheets successful 20 appearances for Nottingham Forest earlier wounded curtailed his season

Saveena Johal, Punjabi Forestexternal-link

  • Season rating: 7/10.
  • Happy with your manager? Ecstatic. Everything Steve Cooper has done for our nine and metropolis volition beryllium celebrated for years to come. He has defied each the likelihood and proved his quality arsenic a Premier League manager. In my eyes, Cooper is simply a occurrence man.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: Fortunately the transportation model volition not beryllium rather arsenic hectic arsenic it was past year. There is 1 essential: securing a keeper - and it has to beryllium Dean Henderson. He has a large beingness and makes important saves, arsenic good arsenic being a large punishment stopper. It conscionable makes sense.
  • Best distant fans: Newcastle's supporters were fantastic. They were passionate, affable and loud. It's large to spot their nine thriving - the fans merit it.

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Harry Tizard, The Saints Scoreexternal-link

  • Season rating: 2/10.Happy with your manager? Russell Martin would beryllium a large assignment for the Championship. Experienced successful the division, his heavy-possession benignant is what Sport Republic desires. The squad whitethorn not beryllium suited to his doctrine arsenic it was built by Ralph Hasenhuttl for pressing football, but the fig of imaginable outgoings means helium tin operation the squad successful his image.Player you'd astir similar to sign: Southampton indispensable bash what they tin to motion striker Joel Piroe from Swansea City. He has 1 twelvemonth near connected his declaration and has scored 41 goals successful 88 Championship appearances.Best distant fans: Grimsby Town were the champion distant fans by immoderate distance. More than 4,000 fans travelled down to ticker their squad advancement successful the FA Cup, with the Town fans playing a monolithic part.

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Tottenham Hotspur

Anna Howells, Spurs XYexternal-link

  • Season rating: 2/10. By acold the worst play we've had successful the past fewer years, some successful presumption of finishing presumption and benignant of football.
  • Happy with your manager? What manager? We sacked Antonio Conte due to the fact that helium was not taking america anywhere, but did not get an betterment and we are connected to our 2nd interim brag without a imaginable of what's next.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: Josko Gvardiol. We request a mates of apical centre-halves, and the RB Leipzig and Croatia antheral fits the bill.
  • Best distant fans: Nottingham Forest.

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West Ham United

James Jones, We Are West Hamexternal-link

  • Season rating: 7/10. The league run unsocial would person been a 5/10, but the tally to the Europa Conference League last boosts it. If we triumph it, it's a 9/10.
  • Happy with your manager? Difficult not to beryllium fixed the European travel he's taken america on, but from a league signifier perspective, he's under-achieved this season. The feeling is that helium volition person taken america arsenic acold arsenic helium can, careless of the effect successful Prague adjacent week.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: Harvey Barnes from Leicester City. He and Jarrod Bowen connected either flank would beryllium beauteous lethal. There is astatine slightest 25 to 30 league goals betwixt them.
  • Best distant fans: We person had rather a fewer this season, but chiefly successful Europe. From memory, Anderlecht were beauteous good, arsenic were AZ Alkmaar.

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Wolverhampton Wanderers

Dave Azzopardi, Talking Wolvesexternal-link

  • Season rating: 4/10. It could person been a catastrophe for Wolves, but thankfully Julen Lopetegui has saved america from further embarrassment. Despite finishing 13th, it has been a truly disappointing play successful presumption of results and prime of football.
  • Happy with your manager? I americium blessed and anticipation Lopetegui continues adjacent season. There is excessively overmuch uncertainty astir his presumption astatine the moment, though, and that needs to beryllium sorted sooner alternatively than aboriginal for Wolves to propulsion connected this summer.
  • Player you would astir similar to sign: More creativity successful the last 3rd is needed, on with a fig 9 who knows wherever the nett is. We person been linked with Coventry's Viktor Gyokeres and I would beryllium funny to spot however helium would get on. Alex Scott from Bristol City looks a truly talented subordinate excessively - I would emotion to motion him up.
  • Best distant fans: Probably Leeds. I'm inactive not definite however that crippled astatine Molineux finished 4-2 to them - but we gave the travelling enactment plentifulness to sing about.

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