McKinson awaiting call for 'big fight nights'

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British welterweight Michael McKinson says if the telephone  for a "big fight" comes helium  volition  beryllium  ready.British welterweight Michael 'The Problem' McKinson (right) says helium deserves large combat opportunities and volition beryllium acceptable to judge the situation erstwhile the telephone comes

British boxer Michael McKinson says helium volition beryllium "healthy and ready" to judge a large combat erstwhile the telephone rings.

The 29-year-old welterweight precocious bushed Lebin Morales via a seventh-round stoppage connected Saturday's Chris Billam-Smith v Lawrence Okolie undercard.

He floored his Nicaraguan hostile successful the archetypal circular and dominated the combat until the referee stepped successful to halt the southpaw's onslaught.

The triumph takes McKinson's grounds to 25 wins and conscionable the 1 defeat.

Speaking aft his astir caller triumph successful Bournemouth McKinson says helium believes his patience volition wage off: "Hopefully I tin beryllium retired again towards the extremity of the twelvemonth and possibly marque it 3 knockouts successful a row," helium told BBC Radio Solent.

"I've had 3 back-to-back grooming camps since December, truthful I've got a vacation successful a mates of weeks.

"I'm inactive successful the gym though due to the fact that I get bored if I'm not.

"If the telephone rings I'll 100% beryllium backmost successful campy but it has to beryllium worthy it, I privation the large combat nights and I merit them.

The Portsmouth fighter's sole decision came pursuing a ninth-round stoppage successful a gruelling WBO Welterweight rubric combat against the undefeated American Vergil Ortiz Jr successful Texas past summer.

"I've got a large squad astir maine looking aft opponents, my dada and Joe Ashford, who has been a large portion of my vocation since the Ortiz loss.

"I could person been boxing tiny shows again but Joe has been my saviour, getting maine much large opportunities, and I'm precise grateful to him - hopefully helium tin telephone maine up again soon with immoderate bully quality and we spell again.

"I cognize I'm not going to get announcement connected a large combat truthful I americium ever successful the gym.

"So if that telephone comes and I'm warring successful 8 weeks, I'm warring successful 8 weeks - I've got to support myself steadfast and ready.

"I'm inactive increasing arsenic a combatant and the champion is yet to come."

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