Member Spotlight: Don Gilbert, Graphic/Web Designer & Illustrator

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At Work It Daily, we telephone our members "Workplace Renegades." A Workplace Renegade is simply a idiosyncratic who believes successful themselves and joins our assemblage to yet instrumentality power of their career. They judge successful moving to live, NOT surviving to work. Don Gilbert is simply a apical subordinate successful our assemblage who exemplifies these qualities.

Below, Don Gilbert answers immoderate questions astir his vocation tract and explains wherefore helium joined (and continues to enactment in) the Work It Daily community.

Why I #WorkItDaily

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As a graphic/web decorator and illustrator, I person ever had a large passionateness for learning and creativity. Growing up successful the Chicago area, I relished immoderate accidental to thrust the autobus downtown to the city's bookstores, galleries, museums, and parks to seizure a day’s worthy of inspiration successful my sketchbook.

The diverseness that cities similar Chicago and, much recently, Seattle person has allowed maine to turn my connection skills to link with radical of galore backgrounds and experiences.

Because of the challenges presented by today’s competitory occupation market, I judge successful the value of some staying steadfast successful caput and body, and keeping your skills existent and relevant. With #workitdaily, it’s not simply astir getting a job. It’s astir the assemblage of employers and occupation seekers alike and the applicable cognition that they offer.

Benefits Of Being A Graphic/Web Designer

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The main benefits of moving arsenic a graphic/web designer/ illustrator are the pleasance of applying my talents and knowledge, the joyousness of utilizing tools similar Adobe’s Creative Suite, and the restitution of the lawsuit upon completion.

Work-Life Balance For Graphic/Web Designers

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Work, exercise, diet, meditation, capable rest, and a steadfast societal beingness are each arsenic captious to reducing accent and maximizing productivity, truthful it’s important for maine to beryllium self-aware passim the day. That said, I besides usage an interval timer, similar a Pomodoro, to warrant that I periodically deed the intermission button.

Reasons To Work In The Graphic Design Industry

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My reasons for moving successful this manufacture impact solving problems of a originative oregon method nature, and the find of solutions that improves my enactment and myself.

Advice For Graphic/Web Designers

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Keep your caput open, research the areas beyond your limitations, and question the cognition that leads to empathy. By doing this, you amended yourself and your moving relationships.

We anticipation you enjoyed proceeding from Don astir his vocation and experiences wrong the Work It Daily community.

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