Michigan lawmakers revive effort to nearly double sex abuse statute of limitations

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Michigan lawmakers introduced bipartisan authorities Tuesday that would springiness victims of intersexual maltreatment much clip to writer for damages arsenic the authorities again looks to overhaul laws pursuing aggregate intersexual maltreatment scandals.

The legislation, which appeared earlier a committee Tuesday afternoon, would grow the civilian statute of limitations for enactment maltreatment victims from property 28 to 52. If enacted, victims would besides person a two-year model to writer retroactively, careless of the clip limit.

The caller measures would let victims of the precocious Dr. Robert Anderson astatine the University of Michigan and others further clip to bring lawsuits that person antecedently been barred by the statute of limitations. Government entities could not usage the immunity defence if they knew oregon should person known of an accused’s anterior intersexual misconduct and failed to intervene.


In 2018, Michigan accrued the statute of limitations to 28 years aged pursuing the condemnation of Larry Nassar, who sexually abused hundreds of pistillate athletes nether the guise of aesculapian treatment, including astatine Michigan State University.

Advocates accidental the clip bounds inactive denies delayed justness for galore victims who often support trauma to themselves, citing probe that shows galore victims don't travel guardant until their 50s. Vermont, Maine and Maryland person removed the statute of limitations for kid enactment transgression lawsuits.

Much of the betterment began aft reports crossed the U.S. of maltreatment dating backmost decades by Roman Catholic clergy. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel opened an probe into intersexual maltreatment by clergy successful the Roman Catholic Church successful 2019, which has resulted successful 8 transgression convictions to date.

Greg D’Alessandro and Brian Hurtekant spoke publically for the archetypal clip Monday with The Associated Press astir maltreatment they had suffered decades earlier astatine the hands of Catholic priests. Both men person been incapable to bring civilian lawsuits due to the fact that of Michigan's statute of limitations.

D’Alessandro, who is present 45 years old, has accused 2 priests of sexually abusing him betwixt the property of 9 and 13 portion helium was a pupil successful metro Detroit. D’Alessandro said helium had repressed memories of the maltreatment for years and lone recently, done hours of therapy, began to recognize what happened to him arsenic a child.

Greg DAlessandro

Sexual battle victims Brian Hurtekant and Greg D'Alessandro testified Monday successful favour of a bipartisan effort to drastically grow Michigan's statute of limitations successful enactment maltreatment cases. (AP Photo/Joey Cappelletti)

"If it’s not the worst happening that 1 quality being tin bash to another, particularly a kid successful the sanction of God, past I don't cognize what is," D’Alessandro said successful a telephone interview.

Both priests, Lawrence Ventline and Timothy Szott, person been identified by the Archdiocese of Detroit arsenic having been credibly accused. Szott, who was sentenced to 18 months probation aft pleading nary contention to possession of kid pornography successful 2003, is present deceased.

Ventline's educationally constricted counselor’s licence was revoked by a authorities committee successful 2019. But Nessel said astatine the clip that "the statute of limitations bars america from prosecuting Mr. Ventline for immoderate crimes we judge helium whitethorn person committed."

The Associated Press was incapable to scope Ventline for remark astir the allegations.

Hurtekant, who is present 56, said his maltreatment began astatine the property of 13 pursuing the decease of his brother. The priest, James Martin Novak, had overseen his brother’s ceremonial and acted arsenic his therapist arsenic helium processed the grief. The intersexual maltreatment began successful the sixth people and continued until the ninth grade, Hurtekant said.

In 2019, the St. Therese Church successful Lansing published a database of 17 priests, including Novak, who had been credibly accused of abusing minors. There were 73 allegations against the priests. Novak could not beryllium reached for remark by the AP.

"We were children that were raised successful intersexual abuse," Hurtekant said. "We merit our time successful tribunal and for justness to beryllium served."


The House committee did not ballot connected the bundle Tuesday aft respective Democratic lawmakers expressed a tendency to amend the authorities to wholly destruct the civilian statute of limitations. Jamie White, an lawyer representing Hurtekant and D’Alessandro, said they anticipation to continuing moving with lawmakers to marque the change.

The bundle would besides make a "Survivors Bill of Rights," that would, among different things, necessitate that survivors are informed of their close to entree advocates, attorneys, counselors and different supports arsenic they navigate done the reporting process.

This volition beryllium the 3rd clip the authorities is introduced successful the Michigan Legislature but the archetypal since Democrats took afloat power of the Legislature and governor's bureau this year.

Pushback has antecedently travel from universities, schools, municipalities, businesses and the Catholic Church implicit the fiscal implications of facing an chartless fig of lawsuits for aged allegations.


In a connection provided to the AP, the Michigan Catholic Conference, the church's dependable successful the authorities for nationalist policy, said it opposed the legislation, explaining it "would unjustly necessitate nationalist and backstage entities to support claims from galore decades past."

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