Miley Cyrus Singlehandedly Revived the Two-Toned Halo Hair Color Trend — See Photo

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Miley Cyrus has had rather the travel with her hair. Some whitethorn retrieve her aboriginal Disney days arsenic a brunette with caramel blonde highlights (when she wasn't moonlighting arsenic Hannah Montana with a blonde wig, of course). Since then, her hairsbreadth has been bleached to the whitest blonde, chopped into a pixie, and snipped into a mullet. Her latest experimentation is two-toned halo hairsbreadth with platinum blonde and acheronian brownish hues. 

In caller years, this two-toned hairsbreadth has go somewhat of a signature look for the Disney Channel alum. She attended the 2023 Versace fall/winter manner amusement connected March 9 with her blonde-and-brown hairsbreadth styled successful loose waves. Her tousled hairsbreadth was astir parted down the middle, giving america a afloat presumption of her acheronian roots increasing in. We emotion the opposition betwixt her acheronian roots, her white-blonde hair, and the brunette underlayer of her hair. 

We don't deliberation it's a coincidence that her outfit and constitution mimic the airy and acheronian tones successful her hair. Her chained, floor-length gown was besides two-toned with fractional of the formal a airy babe pinkish hue and the different fractional black. Her chopped crease had a shimmery champagne hue connected the lids with the darker shades smoked retired successful her crease and outer oculus area. She paired the smoked-out shadows with a elemental gloss. 

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