‘Mom, we don’t want new dresses, please get up’

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The calamity of Friday's deadly stampede for Zakat handouts astatine a mill continues to unfold arsenic heart-rending stories of victims travel to light. Naseem Begum had gone to the mill to person a currency handout successful Zakat, truthful that she could bargain caller dresses for her children connected Eid. Little did she cognize that she would not beryllium with her household connected Eid.

Naseem's assemblage was shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, wherever her husband, Shahid Ali, and 10-year-old lad came to cod it. Nobody could clasp backmost tears erstwhile the 10-year-old begged his mom's assemblage to get up. "Mom! Get up, let's spell home. Why are you not getting up? Mom, we don't privation caller dresses. Get up and we spell home." Shahid Ali, who is an auto-rickshaw driver, recalled his past speech with his wife.

"She said that the mill is distributing foundation money. With this money, we tin bargain caller Eid dresses for our children," Shahid said portion quoting his wife. He said that helium had asked his woman to enactment location and halt worrying astir caller Eid dresses. Allah volition marque arrangements, but she would not listen. "She asked maine for Rs100 for fare and said that different women from the neighbourhood are besides going there. I volition beryllium backmost with them soon," Shahid recalled his woman telling him.

Shahid said that helium gave successful erstwhile his woman insisted. "She took on our lad and girl to cod a Zakat currency handout," helium said, adding that his woman got electrocuted during the stampede. "My girl sustained insignificant injuries, portion my lad remained unharmed," helium said. Wailing, crying, sobbing and mourning made the infirmary situation somber.

A antheral collapsed aft seeing the assemblage of his 10-yearold daughter. Survivors of the tragedy, who were taken to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, alleged that the mill absorption bushed the handoutseekers with robust rods and sticks which triggered the deadly stampede.

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