vs. Jira: Which Suits Best for Your Team?

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monday oregon Jira? Find retired which task absorption bundle solution is amended and spot however they stack up against each other.

Both and Jira are highly reviewed project absorption software platforms that connection beauteous akin features. However, erstwhile you commencement to excavation deeper into each bundle platform, the differences go much apparent.

To assistance you determine betwixt and Jira, we interruption down their pricing plans, features, pros and cons successful this in-depth review. vs. Jira: Comparison

Project views$11$6
Workload managementYesLimited
Security add-onNoYes
Forever escaped planYesYes
Starting terms (billed annually)$9 per idiosyncratic per month$8.15 per idiosyncratic per month
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Both and Jira person precise akin pricing structures, including yearly and monthly billing options, though the costs alteration somewhat betwixt them. They some connection a escaped proceedings arsenic good arsenic a everlastingly escaped program for precise tiny teams. Jira besides offers measurement discounts for companies with much than 100 employees. Use the calculator connected the website to fig retired if your institution qualifies for the discount. pricing

  • Individual: Free everlastingly for up to 2 seats.
  • Basic: $9 per spot per period billed annually, oregon $12 per spot per period billed monthly.
  • Standard: $12 per spot per period billed annually, oregon $14 per spot per period billed monthly.
  • Pro: $19 per spot per period billed annually, oregon $24 per spot per period billed monthly.
  • Enterprise: Pricing disposable upon request.

Read the full review for much information.

Jira pricing

  • Free: $0 for up to 10 users.
  • Standard: $8.15 per idiosyncratic per period billed monthly, oregon $850 annually for 1–10 users.
  • Premium: $16 per idiosyncratic per period billed monthly, oregon $1,600 annually for 1–10 users.
  • Enterprise: Starts astatine $141,000 a twelvemonth for 800+ users. Only disposable for companies with much than 800 employees. Annual billing only.

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Feature comparison: vs. Jira

Project views and templates offers much than 10 task views to take from, including table, calendar, committee (kanban) and Gantt charts. Meanwhile, Jira offers six task views: list, calendar, board, timeline, summary and overviews. While offers much task views to take from than Jira, the designs are little analyzable and frankincense much suitable for elemental projects.

Both and Jira besides connection template libraries truthful you don’t person to physique caller projects from scratch. The templates are sorted into easy-to-browse categories specified arsenic task management, marketing, income and operations. Jira does connection much templates for bundle improvement than does.

The database  presumption    successful  Jira. Figure A: The database presumption successful Jira. Image: Jira

Resource management

Both and Jira supply galore features to enactment assets management. On each platform, tasks tin beryllium ranked by precedence by utilizing a presumption column. You tin besides adhd a clip estimation for each task, past aboriginal comparison it to the existent clip tracked to spot however close your estimates were. besides offers a Workload presumption that allows managers to spot each squad member’s capableness astatine a glimpse truthful they tin evenly administer tasks. This presumption tin besides beryllium utilized to allocate carnal resources similar gathering rooms and equipment. Jira does not connection an equivalent view, truthful you’ll request to question retired a third-party app connected the Atlassian marketplace if you privation to adhd this functionality to Jira.

The Workload presumption    connected  monday.Figure B: The Workload presumption connected monday. Image:

Workflows and automations

Both and Jira travel with a no-code automation builder that makes it casual to make automatic workflows successful minutes. Select an lawsuit trigger, adhd indispensable conditions and take your action, past crook connected the automation to spot it successful action. You tin either make your ain from scratch oregon browse either platform’s room of automation templates to get started adjacent faster.

The automation builder connected  Jira.Figure C: The automation builder connected Jira. Image: Jira

Both platforms besides connection a definite fig of automations each month, but the limits are antithetic for and Jira. doesn’t adjacent enactment automations connected the Free oregon Basic plans. The Standard program gets 250 automations per month, the Pro program gets 25,000 automations per month, and the Enterprise program gets 250,000 automations per month.

Meanwhile, Jira offers automations connected each plans, adjacent the escaped one, which gets 100 automations per month. The Standard program gets 1,700 automations per month, the Premium program gets 1,000 automations per period per person, and the Enterprise program gets unlimited automations.


Both and Jira connection a precise robust enactment of integrations. offers much than 200 autochthonal pre-built integrations to take from, and you tin besides link to much than 1,000 apps via Zapier. As for Jira, the Atlassian Marketplace features much than 3,000 apps to take from, astir guaranteeing that you’ll find the integrations that you need. However, it’s ever worthy double-checking either level if you person a precise circumstantial oregon niche integration you’re looking for.’s app marketplace.Figure D:’s app marketplace. Image:

Security and Jira are some compliant with GDPR, CCPA and different information privateness regulations, truthful either 1 volition apt suffice for astir companies’ needs. However, if you request much precocious information protocols than the accustomed offerings, past you mightiness privation to look much intimately astatine Jira. That’s due to the fact that Jira offers higher-level, enterprise-grade information solutions and provides amended medication and provisioning done Atlassian Access, an optional paid add-on. doesn’t connection a akin information add-on. pros and cons

Pros of

  • More task views to take from than Jira.
  • Dedicated workload absorption view.
  • Friendly, colorful interface and little learning curve.
  • Many customization options to take from.

Cons of

  • Free program constricted to lone 2 users.
  • Must upgrade to Standard program to get automations.
  • No precocious information add-on.

Jira pros and cons

Pros of Jira

  • Free program much generous than’s.
  • Automations disposable connected each plans.
  • 3,000+ app integrations to take from.
  • Optional information add-on to heighten information protection.

Cons of Jira

  • No workload absorption view.
  • Fewer task views than
  • More method to learn.

Should your enactment usage oregon Jira? and Jira are some fantabulous task absorption platforms, but their somewhat antithetic diagnostic sets mean they cater to somewhat antithetic usage cases. Since some platforms connection everlastingly escaped accounts arsenic good arsenic escaped trials, you tin trial them some earlier committing to a paid plan.

Use monday enactment absorption if:

  • You request much task views to take from.
  • You privation a dedicated workload absorption view.
  • You’re good with little limits connected the fig of automations per month.
  • You are a tiny concern and request a affable level with a little learning curve.

Use Jira if:

  • You request much automations.
  • You privation much app integrations to take from.
  • You privation a much precocious information add-on.
  • You are already utilizing different Atlassian products.

Review methodology

To comparison vs. Jira, we consulted merchandise documentation and idiosyncratic reviews. We see factors specified arsenic pricing, idiosyncratic interface design, lawsuit work and learning curve. We besides see features specified arsenic task views, task templates, assets management, workflows, automations, integrations and information protocols.

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