Moscow drone attack causes damages buildings, mayor says

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Moscow (file photo)

A drone onslaught successful Moscow has caused insignificant harm to respective buildings, officials say.

The superior city's mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, says determination person been nary superior injuries. Emergency services were "at the country of incidents", helium said.

Air defences had changeable down respective drones arsenic they approached the Russian capital, officials said.

It is not instantly wide wherever the drones had travel from.

Images posted connected societal media showed traces of fume successful the sky. Others showed a breached window.

Mr Sobyanin said that immoderate residents were being evacuated.

The BBC's Russia exertion Steve Rosenberg, who is based successful Moscow, heard an detonation successful the region astatine 06:24 section clip (03:24 GMT) successful north-west Moscow, with the windows of his location shaking from the blast.

Another detonation was heard astatine 06:58, helium says.

Judging by the conversations connected societal media, a batch of radical successful the Moscow country heard the explosions too, helium adds.

It follows an overnight drone onslaught connected the Ukrainian superior Kyiv, successful which astatine slightest 1 idiosyncratic was reported killed.

Ukrainian officials said falling debris acceptable buildings connected occurrence arsenic Ukraine's aerial defences intercepted much than 20 drones.

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