Move Over, Glazed Donut Nails! Hailey Bieber is All About the Mismatched Manicure — See the Photos

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When Hailey Bieber changes up her manicure, we wage close attention. After her signature glazed donut nails went mega viral galore times implicit successful a fewer antithetic iterations, including chocolate and strawberry, the model's nails became trendsetters successful their ain right. We've seen her effort pearly girly nails, glow successful the acheronian nails and now, a amusive and funky mismatched manicure that incorporates polka dots, tortoise texture and neon colors.

Bieber gave fans a peek astatine her latest nail creation connected Instagram Stories, treating america to a birds-eye presumption of some hands fixed each nail has an wholly antithetic design. On her near hand, we spot a white dot French tip connected her pinky, a swirl of heavy purple and yellowish connected her ringing digit and a premix of purple and yellowish connected her mediate and pointer fingers, with much dots connected her thumb. On the close hand, things truly get creative; the exemplary and Rhode founder sports neon greenish dots connected her thumb, a agleam yellowish shadiness with a pinkish dot astatine the extremity connected her pointer digit and tortoise-esque textures successful hues of heavy magenta, cornflower bluish and achromatic connected her mediate and ringing fingers. On her close manus pinky, Bieber mimics the plan of her near manus but with magenta dots successful lieu of white.

Hailey Bieber

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