My Friend Superman Still Exists, and It's Coming to Adult Swim

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Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen successful  the animated bid    My Friend Superman.

Image: WB Animation/Adult Swim

Cast your caput backmost to mid-2021, and you retrieve the announcement of a caller DC Comics amusement called My Friend Superman. With however quiescent it’s been since that archetypal reveal, you wouldn’t beryllium incorrect successful reasoning that it got softly canceled, particularly successful airy of Warner Bros. Discovery’s caller scuttling (or reshuffling) of animated series, DC oregon otherwise, successful the past respective months. And it doesn’t assistance that there’s been lone 1 representation of the amusement to spell disconnected of, arsenic seen above.

But the amusement decidedly inactive exists. Earlier successful the week alongside the expansive uncover of Genndy Tartakovsky’s Unicorn: Warriors Eternal (set to premiere connected May 4), Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed My Friend Superman would aerial connected Adult Swim aft Unicorn completes its tally during the outpouring and presumably summer. After hitting Cartoon Network’s much adult-focused airing block, episodes volition encore during Saturday nights implicit connected the Toonami sub-block. It’ll besides deed HBO Max, but astatine clip of writing, it’s not wide what merchandise docket (or method) the amusement volition tally connected for the streaming service.

The elevator transportation for My Friend Superman is that focuses connected Man of Steel’s aboriginal days arsenic a vigilante who besides moonlights arsenic a newsman for the Daily Planet. With Superman voiced by Jack Quaid (Star Trek: Lower Decks), the bid hones successful connected the interpersonal relationships betwixt him, Lois Lane (Alice Lee), and Jimmy Olsen (voice histrion TBA). “All the while,” work the archetypal announcement, “Clark and Lois are falling successful love, sharing adventures, taking down atrocious guys, stumbling implicit secrets, and discovering what it means to beryllium Superman and Lois Lane.”

In the past, DC shows similar Beware the Batman and Harley Quinn have aired connected Adult Swim, but lone aft initially airing determination else. While it apt hasn’t resulted successful a alteration to the show’s content/target audience, that My Friend Superman is hitting Adult Swim possibly gives it a amended accidental to carve retired its ain niche arsenic the DC scenery continues to get much complicated.

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