NBA Investigating Referee For Allegedly Using Twitter Burner Account: Report

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The NBA has reportedly launched an probe into a Twitter relationship that users suggested could beryllium utilized by seasoned league referee Eric Lewis, according to NBA newsman Marc Stein.

The relationship @CuttliffBlair, which has since been scrubbed of its tweets, made rounds connected Twitter aft idiosyncratic @PabloEscoburner – successful a tweet giving a chapeau extremity to chap idiosyncratic @Mikey_Wyllin – shared implicit 3 minutes of surface recordings the showed tweets that criticized users’ takes and defended Lewis’ officiating skills.

The idiosyncratic pointed retired that the relationship followed NBA and referee-related accounts on with a travel of the George Mason University women’s hoops squad account. The squad is coached by Vanessa Blair‑Lewis, Lewis’ wife.

The relationship appears to inactive beryllium up – and pursuing @PabloEscoburner – arsenic of Sunday morning.

NBA ref Eric Lewis has been outed arsenic having a burner relationship (@CuttliffBlair). Lmaooo this is simply a momentous day. The relationship volition surely beryllium deleted soon truthful for the archives, the entirety of the account’s replies. All involving… yep, Eric Lewis. 😂

(h/t @Mikey_Wyllin) thread 🧵⬇️

— Pablo Escobarner (blue check) (@PabloEscoburner) May 25, 2023

The relationship aboriginal replied to @PabloEscobarner’s Twitter thread and claimed to beryllium “MARK Lewis,” adding that they were Eric Lewis’ older brother.

“I’m atrocious that I enactment E, successful this situation, but this ain’t Watergate. You’re right, the relationship WILL beryllium coming down. Twitter should not beryllium this vindictive. Sorry to inconvenience you,” wrote @CuttliffBlair precocious Thursday.

“Just thin into it, bro. No shame. 😂,” @PabloEscobarner wrote back.

Lewis, who has been a referee successful the NBA for astir 20 seasons, has officiated implicit 80 playoff games and six NBA Finals games, according to the National Basketball Referees Association.

Los Angeles Lakers prima LeBron James, successful a tweet connected Saturday, raised his eyebrow astatine the anticipation that Lewis is linked to the account.

This Eric Lewis 💩 true??? 🤨

— LeBron James (@KingJames) May 27, 2023

James’ erstwhile Lakers teammate and now-Chicago Bulls subordinate Patrick Beverley besides weighed successful connected the alleged account, referring to a January crippled where helium grabbed a camera and attempted to amusement Lewis that helium missed a foul.

The determination earned Beverley a method foul.

Laughed astatine maine erstwhile I grabbed the camera 📷 yea aight 🤦🏾♂️

— Patrick Beverley (@patbev21) May 27, 2023

The allegations reminded NBA fans of ex-Philadelphia 76ers enforcement Bryan Colangelo, who resigned from his station aft a study from The Ringer tied him to a fig of Twitter burner accounts that criticized erstwhile and existent players connected the Philly team.

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