New Slope One Of World’s 3 Steepest

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If sheer drops are your skis nirvana, the caller ‘Black Wall’ astatine Glacier 3000  volition marque you pop!

Officially inaugurated this week, the caller slope – with a maximum gradient of 46 degrees (104%) – joins the ranks of the steepest groomed slopes successful the satellite and is decidedly experts only!

The challenging three-kilometre driblet links the acme (3,000m) to the vale presumption (1,546m) astatine Col du Pillon… you get to it done the caller 265m passageway that’s been chopped done the mountain.

New Slope One Of World’s 3 Steepest

The run’s located astatine Pierres Pointes – a skis country betwixt 1963 and 1999 which was well-loved by locals.
It’s besides a large motion to guardant planning, arsenic planetary warming makes the aboriginal of skiing connected the Tzanfleuron Glacier unsure.

Glacier 3000 already has the Combe d’Audon (7km run), an 8 km reddish run, and…the caller Black Wall (6km).

I didn’t instrumentality connected this caller nerve-buster, but I did skis the remainder of the glacier runs, which window-wiped the stresses of the time away.

New Slope One Of World’s 3 Steepest

The Tissot Peak Walk was besides worthy a look. The suspension span hangs betwixt 2 upland peaks, and rewards the 100 measurement shlep to the apical with a birds oculus presumption of the mountains.

Villars, Gryon and Les Diablerets are connected, and there’s 104 km of slopes, ranging from 1200 metres to 2113 metres, on with snowfall parks and cross-country tracks.

And if you privation to skis into the darkness, there’s caller nighttime lights connected the cross-country tracks successful Les Diablerets … truthful you tin support sliding.

Getting present is easy, with regular flights to Geneva – drawback an aboriginal 1 and you could beryllium skiing astatine Villars by afternoon, arsenic it’s adjacent by.

New Slope One Of World’s 3 Steepest

The charm of taking the upland bid up to the usually sunny slopes besides adds to the adventure.

Ideal for aboriginal skiers, and ‘keen to improvers’, the edifice is bully for gathering confidence, with 84 kms of slopes progressing steadily from cruisy blues to wide, view-blessed reds and tree-lined tracks a plenty.

You tin besides indulge your interior VIP by booking a enactment astatine a palace!

Built successful 1913, the Villars Palace is recently refurbished and its affable squad guarantee a five-star stay, with good dining, heated outdoor excavation and a luxury spa.

It’s a royal attraction each the way, and each accidental to unbend successful this comfy, classy accommodation, which – champion of each – has large views of the mountains.


Getting There

For formation info’ spot Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS)
The hose offers much than 160 play flights from London Heathrow, London City, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and London Gatwick (seasonal) to Zurich oregon Geneva.
One-way fares commencement from £76 to Zurich and from £54 to Geneva.

Your archetypal acceptable of ski, oregon snowboard instrumentality and boots, is carried escaped of complaint successful summation to your modular escaped baggage allowance taxable to availability (excluding hand-luggage-only fares).

Getting Around

The Swiss Travel Pass offers unlimited question connected consecutive days crossed its system’s rail, autobus and vessel network.

It besides covers scenic routes and section trams and buses successful astir 90 towns and cities, and includes the Swiss Museum Pass, which allows you escaped entranceway to 500 museums and exhibitions.

Prices commencement from £186 for a three-day second-class ticket.

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