News Flash: Week of March 15, 2023

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Recent snowfall extends Snowshoe Mountain’s 2023 season

Many skis areas connected the eastbound seashore person been blessed by the caller snowfall, including West Virginia’s Snowshoe Mountain. The skis country primitively planned to telephone it a play connected March 26 but volition present run done April 2.

Mikaela Shiffrin claims astir World Cup wins of immoderate skier, antheral oregon pistillate

Mikaela Shiffrin has erstwhile again made past by claiming her 87th World Cup win—the astir of immoderate skis racer, antheral oregon female, ever. The humanities infinitesimal took spot successful Are, Sweden, wherever the skis racer won her archetypal World Cup rubric erstwhile she was conscionable 15.

LINE athletes predominate the 4th halt of Level 1’s Rail Jam Tour

For Level 1’s 4th halt connected the Rail Jam Tour, LINE athletes Tucker Fitzsimons, Marion Balsamo, Jackson Karsteter, Liam Baxter and Brain Gardiner each came retired swinging for the coveted currency prize. When each was said and done Fitzsimons and Balsamo claimed the elephantine checks and bragging rights.

School’s retired for Matej Svancer

You cognize what’s adjacent amended than graduating precocious school? Skiing done the damn gathering to celebrate. Matej Svancer is done with academics (for now) and he’s going retired successful Matej Svancer style.

FWT athletes marque the astir of their downtime

A postponement successful the FWT contention docket doesn’t needfully mean these athletes are sitting astir doing nothing. Follow the FWT skis men astir arsenic they marque the astir of the conditions and spare time.

Veronica Paulsen sits down with Out of Bounds

Veronica Paulsen has etched her sanction successful skiing’s past publication arsenic the archetypal pistillate to ever propulsion and onshore a backflip into Corbet’s Couloir during the iconic Kings and Queens lawsuit successful 2020 and earning the crown. This year, Paulsen doubled down successful the contention by attempting a treble backflip—twice! She whitethorn not person stomped the dub but she won the People’s Choice Award and present she sits down with Adam of Out of Bounds to speech astir the experience, what it’s similar surviving successful a upland municipality and the progression of her nonrecreational skis career.

Michelle Parker brings Mark Abma onto the podcast

Two legends beryllium down unneurotic successful Michelle Parker’s latest occurrence of her podcast, Care Less Do More. Mark Abma and Michelle speech astir Abma’s 20-plus-year-career arsenic a nonrecreational skier and what he’s up to these days. Hint: He’s STILL filming with MSP!

Seamus Flanagan gets candid connected Two Planker Podcast

Arguably 1 of the astir underrated skiers successful the game, Two Planker sits down with Seamus Flanagan to speech astir his rising career. Having 2 banger parts successful Strictly’s ‘Delete’ and Child Labor’s ‘Why Not?’, Flanagan is connected an implicit tear.

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