News Flash: Week of March 29, 2023

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News Flash

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The last halt of the 2023 Freeride World Tour cancelled owed to unsafe riding conditions

While the YETI Xtreme Verbier is mostly the astir coveted halt of the Freeride World Tour, this year’s contention was forced to beryllium cancelled owed to unsafe riding conditions. With that said, Canada’s Justine Dufour-Lapointe and Austria’s Valentin Rainer travel distant from the play victorious for the skis women and men. For a afloat recap of the past halt and photograph gallery, click here.

Gwenyth Paltrow is connected proceedings for a 2016 skis collision

Possibly the astir publicized proceedings pertaining to skiing ever, Gwenyth Paltrow is astatine the halfway of livestreamed trial. The actor-turned-lifestyle-influencer was accused of crashing into a chap skier during a 2016 household travel to Utah’s Deer Valley Resort. The personage proceedings is expected to reason Thursday.

Frenchman Simon Billy sets caller satellite velocity grounds

At the 2023 Speed Masters Event, 31-year-old Simon Billy acceptable the caller satellite velocity grounds connected skis. Clocking successful astatine 158.45 miles per hour, this is the 2nd twelvemonth successful a enactment that Billy has won this high-stakes competition.

The yearly Pain McShlonkey Classic returned to Palisades this play with a rowdy bang

If you skis astatine Palisades, 1 of the champion days of the twelvemonth conscionable rolled around: the Pain McShlonkey Classic. A celebratory fundraising lawsuit successful grant of the legendary Shane McConkey, 60 of the rowdiest racers formal up successful their craziest garb and contention downhill connected skis blades for the coveted bragging rights. Congratulations to this year’s champions, Davis Souza and Wendy Fisher!

Alta among 4 Utah resorts to interruption all-time snowfall record

With astir 750 inches of full snowfall this year, Alta Ski Resort is 1 of 4 Utah resorts to shatter its all-time snowfall record. Deer Valley, Solitude and Snowbasin are besides celebrating the record-breaking play with look shots and caller tracks astir each day.

SLVSH Cup Grandvalira 2023 is on!

Grandvalira and Sunset Park Peretol contiguous Slvsh Cup Grandvalira 2023. The archetypal crippled betwixt Max Moffatt and Nico Porteous kicks things disconnected with a bang. Keep an oculus retired arsenic Game 2, featuring Kai Mahler and Ian Serra, is already out!

Jesper Tjäder & Max Moffat merchandise ‘Jewel of the Alps’

While successful Nordkette for Jib League, Max Moffat and Jesper Tjäder did what they bash best: lather the parkland successful their originative steeze. Captured connected movie Reid Ferguson, ‘Jewel of the Alps’ drips successful ice—in much ways than one.

Michelle Parker welcomes JT Holmes connected the podcast

When you deliberation of JT Holmes, you apt deliberation of Shane McConkey, basal jumping and helping suits. Michelle Parker brings the skis fable connected the Care Less Do More podcast to speech astir his legendary vocation successful skiing, ski-base jumping and however each of this led to his palmy vocation arsenic a Hollywood stunt coordinator.

Rachael Burks sits down with The Powell Movement

If you haven’t heard of Rachael Burks, peculiarly her contagious, guttural laugh, past we honestly consciousness atrocious for you. The Salt Lake-based nonrecreational skier sits down connected The Powell Movement podcast to speech astir however she ended up successful Texas, pursuing a pro skis vocation successful her 20s, Billy Poole, TGR and truthful overmuch more.

Xavier Mayrand hashes it retired with Torin Yater-Wallace

While Torin Yater-Wallace archetypal made a sanction for himself via contention results, including 8 X Games medals, the nonrecreational skier has present afloat transitioned to movie skiing. The Deviate Films laminitis sits down the Mayrand podcast big to speech astir the modulation and more.

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