Newsmax Reports Drone Strike In Moscow With Images From Iowa Building Collapse

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Newsmax was mode disconnected successful its sum of a drone onslaught successful Moscow ― by astir 5,000 miles. On Tuesday, the far-right transmission displayed images of the flat illness successful Davenport, Iowa, arsenic big Greta Van Susteren told of the “disturbing” onslaught successful the Russian capital. (Watch the video below.)

One hint for viewers that thing mightiness beryllium amiss was the English “Tow Away Zone” motion successful 1 of the photos, Mediaite noted.

Photos of the Iowa illness were dramatic, portion footage of the onslaught successful Moscow, which Newsmax besides included, wasn’t arsenic compelling.

Newsmax didn’t instantly reply HuffPost’s petition for comment.

The drones caused “insignificant damage,” the Moscow politician said, and 5 of the unmanned craft were changeable down portion 3 others had their signals jammed, The Associated Press reported. Two radical were injured, but did not necessitate hospitalization.

Russia blamed Ukraine, which has sought to expel its neighbour since Russia’s full-scale penetration successful February 2022. Ukraine denied involvement, according to the BBC.

In Iowa, the partial illness of the downtown Davenport gathering connected Tuesday has near 5 residents unaccounted for. One survivor’s limb was amputated truthful she could beryllium rescued from the rubble, AP noted.

Here’s video of the aftermath successful Iowa. Not Moscow.

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