Neymar Kidnaps Piqué and 8 More Big Moments in the Kings League Final

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Gerard Piqué is shown tied up   successful  a shipping instrumentality  successful  a promotional video for the Kings League Final Four.

This past Sunday, erstwhile FC Barcelona subordinate Gerard Piqué became known for thing different than being the main quality successful ex-partner Shakira’s diss track. Now, he’s the idiosyncratic who sold retired his erstwhile club’s famed stadium, Camp Nou, with his Twitch-focused shot league—and that was earlier his existent stunts began.

In existent Kings League spirit, the tournament’s Final Four matchup, the biggest in-person lawsuit ever held by a Twitch streamer, ended with respective bombshells that astounded viewers and encouraged them to support connected watching the show. The biggest astonishment was 1 Piqué had been teasing for days: Neymar, his erstwhile teammate and existent subordinate astatine Paris Saint-Germain F.C., was joining the Kings League.

“There’s lone ever been 1 king, and helium was Brazilian,” Neymar said successful a hilarious video announcing that helium would preside implicit his ain team.

In the video, Piqué revealed that the Kings League would soon motorboat a tourney successful Brazil, which is 1 of the aboriginal markets Kings League CEO Oriol Querol referenced successful an interrogation with Gizmodo successful February. It’s unclear erstwhile the matches successful Brazil volition instrumentality place; neither Piqué, Neymar, nor Querol gave dates.

In May, the Kings League main volition motorboat the 2nd divided of the Kings League arsenic good arsenic the Queens League, a contention for women’s indoor soccer. Like the Kings League, the Queens League volition diagnostic 12 teams helmed implicit by celebrated streamers and different celebrities successful the Spanish-speaking world, including Gemita, Mayichi, and Morena Beltrán.

Of course, it wouldn’t beryllium the Kings League last if Piqué and institution didn’t effort to daze and awe astatine slightest a fewer much times. Click done to cheque retired the different brainsick things that happened, including breaking a Guinness World Record, chanting Lionel Messi’s sanction astatine Camp Nou, and invoking Shakira.

A screenshot of the PSG subordinate    Neymar successful  a promotional video for Gerard Piqué's Kings League.

For those that came to work simply due to the fact that of the header of this post, this is for you. As I mentioned earlier, Piqué announced the summation of Neymar successful a video wherever Neymar enlists Kings League streamer-presidents Gerard Romero and Spursito to kidnap Piqué. The funniest happening astir this, successful my humble opinion, is that Neymar calls Piqué “Geri,” which is conscionable hilarious due to the fact that it makes it dependable similar he’s a toddler erstwhile helium is successful information very, precise tall. Piqué, for his part, calls Neymar “Ney” and said helium wasn’t amazed astatine each the occupation his erstwhile teammate had caused. You tin ticker the video (in Spanish only) here.

Besides announcing Neymar arsenic a squad president for the Brazilian Kings League, Piqué besides announced that Ronaldinho would beryllium heading up his ain squad arsenic well. Ronaldinho antecedently played successful a Kings League lucifer with Porcinos, oregon “swine,” Twitch megastar Ibai’s team.

A photograph  of radical   wearing Kings League masks astatine  Camp Nou. Gerard Piqué's Kings League broke the Guinness World Record for astir   radical   wearing costume masks.

Photo: Courtesy of the Kings League InfoJobs

While readying the Kings League final, Piqué abruptly thought it would beryllium chill to interruption a Guinness World Record and beforehand the Kings League. He decided to effort to break the grounds for the astir radical wearing costume masks astatine the aforesaid time, which was acceptable successful 2015 successful the Philippines, wherever 30,050 wore smiley look masks. Staff enactment a insubstantial disguise with the Kings League logo connected each spot astatine Camp Nou, which sold retired the lawsuit with 92,522 spectators. Needless to say, the grounds was broken.

A photograph  of radical   astatine  FC Barcelona's Camp Nou stadium. More than 92,500 radical   attended the Kings League finals.

Photo: Courtesy of the Kings League InfoJobs

At archetypal glance, it’s casual to constitute disconnected a three-month aged shot league with made-up rules, but the finals made it definite that nary 1 would ever hide the Kings League’s impact. Gizmodo confirmed that the Final Four matchup was the biggest in-person lawsuit ever held by a Twitch streamer, drafting successful 92,522 attendees.

Gerard Piqué and the streamers successful  the Kings League finals question   to Camp Nou successful  a helicopter.

Photo: Courtesy of the Kings League InfoJobs

As immoderate Kings League instrumentality volition archer you, Piqué loves a spectacle. The Kings League main made definite his entranceway to Camp Nou couldn’t beryllium ignored by arriving with the 4 finalist presidents successful a chopper with the title cupful successful tow.

Barcelona constabulary  escort the teams successful  the Kings League finals to Camp Nou.

Photo: Courtesy of the Kings League InfoJobs

Shortly aft the Kings League’s debut successful January, Javier Tebas, caput of the Spanish nonrecreational shot league LaLiga, called the Kings League a “circus” and waved it disconnected arsenic a competitor. He besides insinuated that the league wouldn’t past successful the agelong run.

The crowds that welcomed the Kings League finalist teams astatine Camp Nou intelligibly proved Tebas wrong. They gave the teams, escorted by section police, a hero’s welcome.

Tens of thousands chanted erstwhile  FC Barcelona subordinate    Leo Messi's sanction  astatine  the Kings League finals.

Photo: Courtesy of the Kings League InfoJobs

Messi’s declaration with Paris Saint-Germain expires connected June 30 and his adjacent steps are inactive an unfastened question. Sergio “el Kun” Agüero, Messi’s champion person and president of Kunisports successful the Kings League, implied precocious that Messi would beryllium unfastened to returning to FC Barcelona if the nine president, Joan Laporta, reached retired to inquire him.

As galore shot fans know, Messi made a sanction for himself connected the satellite signifier astatine FC Barcelona, which was longing for him to travel backmost arsenic soon arsenic helium near for PSG. At the Kings League finals, xBuyer, 1 of the tournament’s streamer-presidents, asked the assemblage who wanted Messi to instrumentality to FC Barcelona, which sparked a chorus of “Messi, Messi, Messi” astatine the stadium.

A screenshot of the Kings League accumulation   credits. Clara Chia, Piqué's caller   girlfriend, is credited.

Piqué sanction is inextricably linked with Shakira’s successful the property arsenic their messy separation plays retired successful public, astir notably successful the singer’s “Bzrp Music Sessions #53,” which has dispersed similar wildfire since its merchandise successful January. The time of the Kings League last was nary exception. During the freestyle rap battle, streamer TheGrefg asked the rappers to see references to Shakira successful their freestyles. Piqué was talking to different streamers astatine the infinitesimal and didn’t look to react.

Meanwhile, successful the livestream’s ending credits, Piqué included the sanction of his existent girlfriend, Clara Chía, who Shakira besides referenced successful her song. (Chía works astatine his company, Kosmos, which organizes the Kings League.)

El Barrio president   Adri Contreras holds the aureate  Kings League title  cupful  aft  his squad  won the final.

Photo: Courtesy of the Kings League InfoJobs

In the end, the squad that nary 1 thought could win, “El Barrio,” took location the title cup. The team, led by TikToker Adri Contreras, 1 of the presidents with the smallest audiences, hardly made it to the playoffs, wherever it placed last. On Friday, El Barrio shocked everyone by making it to the Final Four and made past arsenic the archetypal Kings League champion.

The different Kings League presidents were awed.

“El Barrio is the Kings League champion,” Ibai, president of 1 of the strongest teams of the regular season, Porcinos, said connected Twitter. “Life is incredible.”

Gerard Piqué and Joan Laporta, president   of FC Barcelona, congratulate Adri Contreras.

Photo: Victor Hugo Ristow / Gizmodo

FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta attended the Kings League last and joined Piqué successful giving retired awards and congratulating the winners. The representation was interesting. Many speculate that Piqué is mounting a run to go the president of FC Barcelona successful the future.

Turning shot connected its head, selling retired Camp Nou, and attracting a legion of new, young fans is surely a bully start.

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