'No change in policy': FO rubbishes claims of ties with Israel

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The Foreign Office (FO) categorically stated connected Sunday that Pakistan has neither diplomatic nor economical ties with Israel.

Speaking to the Express News, the FO spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said Islamabad's argumentation connected Israel remains "unchanged".

The clarification comes 2 days aft a caller connection by the American Jewish Congress (AJC) was shared connected societal media connected the purported offloading of a shipment carrying Pakistani-originated food products in Israel. 

Earlier, a Pakistani Jewish man, Fishel Benkhald, had claimed besides claimed connected Twitter that helium had go the archetypal exporter of Pakistani nutrient edible products to Israel.

The station had triggered a beardown absorption online from definite quarters, nether the presumption that the commercialized was connected to a displacement successful relations with Israel.

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— Orya Maqbool Jan (@OryaMaqboolJan) March 31, 2023

It whitethorn beryllium noted that contention implicit Pakistan's ties with Israel had been stirred earlier past twelvemonth implicit a reported sojourn of a "Pakistani delegation" to Israel.

The FO spokesperson successful a statement had clarified that the “reported sojourn successful question was organised by a overseas NGO which is not based successful Pakistan" and that Pakistan’s presumption connected the Palestinian contented was wide and unambiguous.

“There is nary alteration whatsoever successful our argumentation connected which determination is simply a implicit nationalist consensus. Pakistan steadfastly supports the Palestinian people’s inalienable close to self-determination,” the spokesperson had remarked.

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