No Man's Sky arrives on Mac today

4 months ago 1

Hello Games made an breathtaking announcement astatine Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference successful 2022: No Man's Sky would yet beryllium making its mode to Macs. Now, arsenic we ramp up towards WWDC 2023, the clip has travel with Mac gamers yet capable to play No Man's Sky to their heart's content. Hello Games claims to person worked intimately with Apple to bring the crippled to beingness and supports the company's Metal 3 API to reportedly "achieve console prime graphics whilst maintaining artillery beingness connected laptops and little extremity devices."

No Man's Sky is disposable for anyone who has a Mac with Apple silicon (which started rolling retired successful 2020) oregon an Intel-based Mac with astatine slightest a Core i5 processor. There's nary request to re-buy the crippled if you already person No Man's Sky done Steam connected your PC, arsenic you tin cross-save your advancement to leap betwixt devices without backpedaling connected your progress. Mac users besides person entree to cross-play, truthful you tin articulation gamers connected Xbox, PlayStation 4 and 5, PC oregon VR.

The enlargement to Mac follows a fewer important updates to the game, including a redesign of the HUD and idiosyncratic interface and a caller storyline called Interceptor that brought amended visuals and caller VR controls. Steam users tin download No Man's Sky today, but volition beryllium disposable successful the Mac App Store "shortly."

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