On national TV: Imran Abbas advises Sanam Jung to 'lose 10 kg'

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A caller speech connected a morning show betwixt actors Imran Abbas and Sanam Jung has ignited a treatment astir assemblage representation and the dynamics of friendship. Abbas's comment, though made successful a lighthearted manner, raises concerns astir abdominous shaming and the value of maintaining respectful behaviour, adjacent among adjacent friends. 

Abbas joined the greeting amusement via a call, and Jung already seemed flustered astatine the thought of conversing with her person connected nationalist tv successful this manner. When asked by the host, Madeha Naqvi, astir proposal for Jung, Abbas stated, "When you travel backmost from America, suffer 10 kg and return." The big and Jung laughed it off, but Naqvi's stunned look lingered connected the camera arsenic Jung continued to laugh. 

Abbas, however, carries distant and goes connected to praise his friend. "I ever archer [Jung] that she lives successful her ain world. She doesn't care, she does what she pleases. She chooses projects connected her, she chooses commercials connected her own. Even though she has truthful galore offers."

The histrion past elaborate however Jung has called him astatine 2 AM, moving offers by him, and adjacent erstwhile helium believes the compensation is excessively high, helium is shocked to spot that she often secures that amount, sometimes adjacent surpassing the archetypal quote. 

When helium complained that Jung does not perceive to him, she states, "Since I started moving with [Abbas], he's truthful peculiar astir his food, gym. He's a precise disciplined person. When I inquire him however helium makes time, helium says that helium comes to the aforesaid sprout I do, but helium makes time. 'What is your problem?' helium asks." Jung continued to gag astir however she remains in awe of his discipline. 

Jung, a talented actor, tv host, and model, has made important contributions to the amusement industry. While accolades bash not dictate one's worth, it is pertinent to enactment that each these accomplishments cannot beryllium overshadowed by what the weighing standard reads for the star. Abbas, a highly accomplished actor, model, and vocalist who has besides worked globally, indispensable cognize and bash amended successful presumption of comments passed connected nationalist television.

While the remark mightiness person been intended arsenic a joke, it drew attraction to the prevalence of assemblage shaming successful society. Fat shaming, successful particular, perpetuates antagonistic assemblage representation and tin person harmful intelligence and affectional effects connected individuals. It is important to recognise that assemblage value cannot beryllium a ground for immoderate benignant of judgement oregon ridicule.

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