Pakistan slams desecration of Quran at Geneva moot

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Ambassador says lack of preventive ineligible deterrence encourages incitement to hatred, violence


The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has termed the caller acts of desecration of the Holy Quran not conscionable a provocation to the feelings of much than 2 cardinal Muslims successful the world, but a measurement to sabotage interfaith harmony and peace.

“This twelvemonth we person witnessed astatine slightest 5 incidents of nationalist desecration of the Holy Quran successful Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands – arsenic the latest manifestation of radical hatred and xenophobia,” Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations successful Geneva Khalil Hashmi portion speaking connected behalf of the OIC told the 47-member Human Rights Council gathering connected Friday.

“The OIC Group echoes the outrage of astir 2 cardinal quality beings whose religion is anchored successful the connection of Quran,” Ambassador Hashmi told the delegates, citing a verse from the beatified publication that read: “Let determination beryllium nary compulsion successful religion.”

The Pakistani envoy said an unequivocal condemnation should person been the starting constituent of the planetary community’s effect to these acts.

He said, “Sadly, immoderate chose to fell down the self-serving mentation of quality rights.”

“Absence of preventive ineligible deterrence, inaction, and shying distant from speaking retired encourages further incitement to hatred and violence,” Hashmi said, noting that much incidents had followed, which was not astonishing astatine all.

“If those liable for prevention were not complicit earlier; they are now,” helium said. “They are successful usurpation of their obligations nether planetary quality rights laws.”

The Pakistani envoy said helium was appalled astatine the quality rights machinery’s wide apathy towards these incidents.

“We peculiarly enactment with disappointment the prime made by peculiar rapporteurs connected state of religion and belief, and state of look to not telephone retired these deliberate acts of hatred,” helium said.

“We cull selective world interpretations of quality rights law,” the envoy said. “It has shaken our religion successful their work.”

He said, “Finally, we person a connection for those enjoying impunity successful desecrating our Holy book! When you clasp the adjacent copy, effort speechmaking it.”

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