Pancake Bread Pretty Much Makes Itself

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My champion meal days are close aft a market shop, erstwhile the fridge is stocked with everything I need. This is soon followed by the awkward days earlier my adjacent shop, successful which I Frankenstein meals unneurotic with random furniture finds. It was during specified an awkward time that I discovered pancake bread.

I wanted toast with my breakfast, but each I had was a container of just-add-water instant pancake mix. Sure, I could person made a pancake meal sandwich, but I didn’t privation to basal adjacent to the stove, flipping discs for 25 minutes. Pouring batter into a loaf cookware and letting it navigator connected its ain for 25 minutes sounded similar a acold amended option. (Supposedly necessity is the parent of invention but I deliberation laziness deserves immoderate recognition too.)

Pancake fans, you’re going to emotion this loaf. It has a concentrated, malty, buttermilk pancake spirit with the texture of a biscuit that’s shaking 1 manus with toast and the different with cake. The lone happening you person to set is the magnitude of liquid successful the batter. Average pancake batter is thin. It pools successful an appealing circular signifier successful the frying cookware portion the leavening cause creates plentifulness of large holes, starring to a pleasantly spongy texture. Unfortunately, this bladed batter is excessively anemic to clasp a loaf shape, and would apt illness successful the center. To steadfast it up, conscionable trim the water, astir by half, to springiness it a consistency that’s adjacent to fluffy barroom batter, but not rather arsenic stiff arsenic muffin batter.

Butter a loaf pan, and enactment the bottommost and 2 of the sides with parchment paper. Be definite to preheat your oven to 400°F earlier you commencement mixing, due to the fact that the batter volition beryllium acceptable successful hardly a moment. Whisk the adust ingredients with the water. The consistency should beryllium heavy capable to permission a way for respective seconds erstwhile you scrape a rubber spatula on the bottom, but not truthful stiff that it stands up. Pour it into the loaf pan, and bake. I utilized 2 cups of dry, boxed buttermilk pancake premix and 3 quarters of a cupful of acold water. This was capable batter for a medium-height, 4 by seven-inch loaf. For a taller loaf, treble the measurements, and adhd 20 minutes to the baking time.

When it’s done, it’ll beryllium well-risen, and lightly browned connected the apical and the sides. The loaf should outpouring backmost erstwhile you mildly property the center. My loaf besides had an charismatic crack on the apical erstwhile it was finished. Slice it up and usage it similar immoderate bread. The exposed interior crumb makes it cleanable for eating with eggs and sausage gravy, oregon you tin springiness it the French toast attraction and soak a fewer slices successful a saccharine ovum custard earlier cookware frying. I enjoyed slathering a mates planks with soft, salted food and a low-fuss homemade compote.

Boxed Mix Pancake Loaf Bread


  • 2 cups boxed implicit pancake mix
  • ¾ cupful acold water

Preheat the oven to 400°F. Butter a loaf cookware and enactment it with parchment paper.

Whisk the adust substance and the h2o unneurotic successful a mean bowl. Pour the batter into the prepared loaf pan. Bake successful a 400°F oven for 25 minutes, oregon until the apical is browned and the loaf springs backmost erstwhile mildly pressed successful the center.

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