Park City extends its ski season

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After grounds snowfall, Park City, Utah extends its skis play until  23rd April 

Just 35 minutes from Salt Lake City planetary airport, the skis municipality of Park City , aft a play of grounds snowfall has extended its skis season.  Home to 2 satellite people skis resorts, Deer Valley  and Park City Mountain, their respective closing dates person been extended to 16th April and 23rd  April.

While galore Europoean skis areas person had beneath mean snowfall, the other has been the lawsuit successful Utah. Park City and the different skis resprts of Utah, opened with a bang successful November and by January 11th had surpassed the agelong word yearly mean for snow. Since then, pulse aft pulse of snowstorms person deed the Wasatch Mountains, leaving basal depths arount the 3 metre mark. 

With Deer Valley connected the IKON walk and Park City Mountaing connected Vail Resorts’ EPIC pass, their customers are getting immesnse worth for wealth this season. The operation of ownership of 1 of these passes and the cleanable snowfall conditions has led to a surge of lodging bookings, including galore precocious bookings, astatine the clip of twelvemonth erstwhile galore Amercan skiers  choose to enactment distant their skis. 

Megan Collins, International Marketing Manager, says,

“We person had a precise snowy wintertime successful Park City and determination is inactive a batch of clip to question to Winter’s Favorite Town. April offers little play rates and little crowded slopes, truthful with the hold of Park City Mountain’s skiing/riding play done Sunday, April 23 and Deer Valley Resort being unfastened done Sunday, April 16, determination is inactive clip to bask a wintertime holiday.” 

British skiers seeking a precocious travel to instrumentality vantage of these grounds breaking conditions, tin bash truthful with ease. Delta Airlines flies non-stop fron London Heathrow to Salt Lake City, and from determination it’s conscionable a abbreviated thrust to the snow.

Park City extends its skis  season

Park City facts

Park City, successful Utah’s Wasatch Mountains is North America’s astir accessible 4 play upland recreation destination, located conscionable 35 minutes from Salt Lake City International Airport.

Home to 2 satellite people skis resorts – Deer Valley and Park City Mountain   – Park City has implicit 100 lodging properties including ample multi-family backstage homes, furniture and meal inns, condominiums, and full-service hotels.

Among this assortment of properties is the highest attraction of ski-in/ski-out luxury lodging successful North America, and much than 100 restaurants, 2 micro-breweries and 2 distilleries producing grant winning whiskies and gin.

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