Passengers On San Francisco-Bound Plane Stuck In Russia Amid Engine Problem

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NEW DELHI (AP) — An Air India level flying from New Delhi to San Francisco landed successful Russia aft it developed an motor problem, officials said connected Wednesday.

The plane, a Boeing 777 carrying 216 passengers and 16 unit members, landed safely astatine Russia’s Magadan airdrome successful the country’s acold eastbound connected Tuesday, Air India said successful a statement.

The formation “developed a method contented with 1 of its engines,” the connection said, adding that the craft was undergoing information checks and the passengers were being provided enactment connected the ground.

Vedant Patel, a U.S. State Department spokesman, said that American citizens were apt connected the formation but could not instantly corroborate however many. He said his knowing was that Air India would beryllium sending a replacement craft to Russia truthful the passengers could proceed their question to the U.S.

“We are continuing to show the situation,” Patel said.

Girvaan Kaahma, 16, was traveling connected the formation with his uncle and brother.

He said they are barred from leaving the hostel wherever they are staying successful Magadan and can’t usage their recognition cards to bargain items from the vending instrumentality due to the fact that of sanctions implicit Russia’s warfare connected Ukraine.

Kaahma said the hose told the passengers they would apt permission Russia for the U.S. connected Thursday.

Associated Press Writer Jerome Minerva contributed from the U.S and Krutika Pathi from New Delhi.


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