Pastel Game Controllers - Nintendo Launched Four New Joy-Con Colors on its Official Store (

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Nintendo has announced a caller enactment of pastel Joy-Con controllers for the Switch, featuring 4 pleasing colorways: Pastel Pink, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Purple and Pastel Green. The controllers travel successful 2 sets, 1 with pinkish and yellowish and the different with purple and green. Each acceptable besides includes 2 achromatic wrist straps. The pastel Joy-Con controllers are designed to adhd immoderate benignant and amusive to your gaming experience, whether you’re playing solo oregon with friends. They besides person question controls and HD rumble features built into each Joy-Con.

The pastel Joy-Con controllers volition beryllium disposable connected June 30th 2023 successful North America and different regions, and volition outgo $79.99 per set. You tin pre-order them from the My Nintendo Store oregon different retailers. If you’re looking for an excuse to grow your Joy-Con postulation oregon conscionable privation to effort retired immoderate lighter shades of your favourite colors, these pastel Joy-Con controllers mightiness beryllium conscionable what you need. They are cleanable for summertime gaming oregon immoderate play of the year.

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