Pickle-Flavored Sour Candies - Sour Punch Pickle Roulette Features Sweet and Salty Flavors (TrendHunter.com)

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The Sour Punch Pickle Roulette has been launched by the American Licorice Co. arsenic a dainty that builds connected a erstwhile April Fool's Day gag to supply kids and adults alike with an unexpected candy experience.

The limited-edition merchandise consists of identical sour candy straws successful a lime greenish color, which travel successful Lemon Lime, Green Apple and Watermelon flavors. The straws besides travel successful a Pickle-flavored enactment that is hidden wrong the premix to person candy fans rolling the dice with each serving they take. Priced astatine $1.89 per tray, the candy is disposable exclusively for acquisition straight from the marque online.

VP of Marketing Kristi Shafer spoke connected the Sour Punch Pickle Roulette saying, "While we privation everyone to bask the much accepted flavors our marque has to offer, we felt adding pickle is simply a amusive astonishment that fans volition privation to share. Whether investigating your luck unsocial oregon spinning it into a game, Sour Punch is ever looking for much ways to entreaty to audiences of each ages and sensation buds.”

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