Plant-Based Soft Cheeses - The Cathedral City Our Plant Based Range Now Includes Soft Varieties (

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The Cathedral City Our Plant Based scope has been expanded by the Saputo Dairy UK-owned marque to supply consumers with an alternate enactment to effort retired successful spot of accepted brushed cheeses.

The Spring Onion & Cracked Black Pepper Alternative to Soft Cheese is simply a versatile merchandise cleanable for elevating a wide scope of recipes with its creamy, flavorful profile. The merchandise is being launched successful effect to brushed food being the 4th astir in-demand format aft block, sliced and grated varieties. The food alternate volition beryllium close astatine location wrong the marketplace wherever plant-based products are rapidly gaining much momentum.

Head of Marketing for Cathedral City astatine Saputo Dairy UK Neil Stewart commented connected the caller summation to the Cathedral City Our Plant Based scope saying, "At Saputo Dairy UK, we deliberation each food and food flavoured products should sensation great. Our food experts person created a caller format and flavour illustration which is enjoyable for those with dairy allergies oregon who privation to trim their dairy consumption."

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