Polestar 2 update adds YouTube integration and new CarPlay features

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Polestar has announced its latest over-the-air upgrade for the Polestar 2 EV, and it includes an integrated YouTube app close connected the location screen. Volvo, a part-owner of Polestar, archetypal mentioned its program to marque YouTube disposable for its infotainment successful 2022 — though it was done the Play Store. While you don't privation to beryllium watching YouTube videos arsenic you cruise down the roadworthy (or play video games, Tesla), Polestar specifically denotes it arsenic a mode to entertain yourself portion the car charges. 

Yes, the update is solely truthful you tin amuse yourself portion sitting successful the stationary car, but sure, erstwhile you driblet a minimum of $40,000 to $50,000 connected an EV, wherefore shouldn't it supply amusement portion juicing up? 

There are besides immoderate caller features for erstwhile you deed the road, including Apple CarPlay's expanded accusation astir calls oregon media connected the location screen. Plus, you tin power calls done the steering instrumentality (as you tin successful astir cars) and, much uniquely, spot calls and Apple Maps close connected the operator display. 

The past spot of Polestar 2's updates absorption the Range Assistant app, with a large upgrade giving you much power implicit your vigor efficiency, with depletion monitoring extended beyond 20, 40, oregon 100 miles. The update besides factors biology changes and related variables into your projected scope — with real-time accusation disposable close connected the operator display. Previously, this fig was a default scope projection alternatively than 1 circumstantial to you. The P2.9 over-the-air update has begun rolling out, truthful support an oculus retired for erstwhile it reaches your EV.

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