Police not lodging Jibran Nasir’s ‘abduction’ FIR, says wife Mansha Pasha

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Social activist, lawyer, and person   Jibran Nasir. — Twitter/@Shehzad89 Social activist, lawyer, and person Jibran Nasir. — Twitter/@Shehzad89 
  • Case being registered astatine Clifton Police Station, says SSP South.
  • Pasha requests contiguous enactment to guarantee Jibran Nasir's swift release.
  •  Protest to beryllium held astatine Karachi Press Club for husband's release.

KARACHI: Mansha Pasha said Friday that the constabulary person "refused to registry a case" regarding the "illegal abduction" of her husband, lawyer and quality rights activistic Jibran Nasir, contempt her having filed an exertion astatine the Clifton Police Station.

Pasha told Geo News that successful airy of the police's refusal to registry the case, time she would attack the tribunal for involution successful this regard.

However, SSP South Asad Raza has said that upon receiving Pasha's ailment regarding the incident, a lawsuit is being registered astatine the Clifton Police Station nether the applicable laws.

In her application, Pasha described the events of Thursday night, which she had already shared connected societal media aft the incident. 

Mansha Pashas exertion  to the police. — provided by the reporter Mansha Pasha's exertion to the police. — provided by the reporter

She stated: "On 01.06.2023 astatine astir 11:00 pm, I was returning from meal with my hubby successful our idiosyncratic car ... erstwhile a achromatic colour Toyota Hilux / Vigo ... intercepted and deed our car from the front-left broadside and forced america to halt adjacent Ideal Bakery connected 26th Street, Defence Phase 5, Karachi."

She further added: "Another conveyance i.e. a Silver Corolla blocked our conveyance from down and arsenic such, we were surrounded. Some 15 radical on with weapons came retired from the said vehicles successful civilian apparel and forced my hubby to get retired of the car, man-handling him towards the taxable vehicle. They past abducted him and took him distant and his whereabouts are chartless till now."

In her application, she besides requested contiguous enactment beryllium taken to guarantee his swift release.

"In airy of the above-mentioned situation, I person nary different recourse than to attack your bureau for registration of my ailment for my missing husband. I would beryllium thankful if an contiguous enactment is taken for his swift release. Furthermore, enactment successful accordance with instrumentality indispensable beryllium taken against those who abducted my husband," she wrote.

Furthermore, Pasha told Geo News that a protestation was being held astatine 4:00pm astatine the Karachi Press Club to request her husband's release.

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