Probe into meat 'falsely labelled' as British at supermarkets

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Red meatImage source, Getty Images

By Emma Simpson

Business correspondent, BBC News

A transgression probe is nether mode into allegations that a rogue nutrient supplier falsely labelled immense quantities of overseas pork arsenic British.

The Food Standards Agency is besides looking into claims that the steadfast besides mixed rotten pork with caller meat.

The nutrient is understood to person ended up connected the shelves of galore UK supermarkets.

Farmers Weekly, which archetypal reported the communicative said that the institution was passing disconnected concern standard quantities of overseas pork arsenic British.

It said this whitethorn person been successful products up until astatine slightest 2020 and could person been included successful galore items specified arsenic acceptable meals, quiches and sandwiches sold successful a fig of UK supermarkets, with schools, hospitals, attraction homes and prisons besides indirectly supplied.

It is understood that the Food Standards Agency's National Food Crime Unit (NFCU) started its archetypal probe into the steadfast successful September 2021.

Andrew Quinn, lawman caput of the Food Standards Agency's NFCU, said the portion was "carrying retired a transgression probe into however 1 supplier allegedly provided products labelled arsenic British erstwhile they were successful information sourced from South America and Europe".

"The archetypal retailer was notified astatine the aforesaid clip the NFCU acted against the nutrient concern suspected of the fraud," helium added.

"We are looking into each caller lines of enquiry with our spouse organisations, including immoderate imaginable nutrient hygiene breaches, and acting wherever indispensable to support nationalist health.

"At a clip erstwhile outgo pressures and different challenges mean the risks of nutrient fraud mightiness beryllium increasing, it is captious that everyone progressive successful the nutrient concatenation works to guarantee that nutrient is harmless and what it says it is."

Retail manufacture lobby group, the British Retail Consortium said it could not remark connected an ongoing investigation.

"Whilst we cannot remark connected an ongoing investigation, retailers volition enactment the FSA with its probe into the idiosyncratic supplier successful question," it added.

The Food Standards Agency is not naming the concern progressive whilst it continues to stitchery grounds and truthful arsenic not to prejudice immoderate imaginable aboriginal enactment by the courts.

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