Product Photographers: Essential Tips & Salary Info for 2023

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by Kelsey Arrington connected Mar 09, 2023

Professional merchandise photography is an indispensable portion of selling campaigns. So, it’s nary wonderment wherefore the request for innovative merchandise photographers is connected the rise. After all, today’s satellite is highly ocular and the prime of an representation tin marque oregon interruption a sale. As such, merchandise photographers are tasked with having the crisp method skills and originative reasoning skills needed to nutrient awe-inspiring images that gully attraction to a product’s features. Are you an aspiring merchandise photographer? If so, support reading. In this article, we’ll supply indispensable tips and tricks to assistance you get started successful the field. And that’s not all! We’ll besides sermon the mean wage scope for merchandise photographers truthful you cognize what to expect arsenic you prosecute this career. 

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Best Career Advice for Beginner Product Photographers

  • Practice your trade often. Create mock campaigns, prime up pro bono work, oregon conscionable sprout merchandise photos of objects astir your house. Whatever you do, marque definite your skills enactment crisp by practicing them often.
  • Invest successful your equipment. Photography tools tin beryllium rather costly truthful we’re not suggesting that you tally retired and bargain the priciest happening connected the market. However, you should enactment with the tools you person and put successful your instrumentality whenever you get the opportunity. 
  • Network with different originative professionals. Attend manufacture events, originative outings, and different societal gatherings that whitethorn enactment you successful the country with creation directors, entrepreneurs, oregon different photographers. 
  • Adapt to manufacture changes and lawsuit demands. Hone your collaboration skills and support up with the shifts successful the industry. Both of these volition assistance you arsenic you beforehand done your career.
  • Practice different forms of photography or adhd skills successful a related tract specified as graphic design. Find things that complement your merchandise photography skills – doing truthful whitethorn conscionable broaden your vocation opportunities. 
  • Bring a beardown marque identity. Post your enactment connected societal media, beforehand it connected a blog, and keep consistent branding crossed each platforms. After all, you privation to marque your people connected the satellite of commercialized photography.

Technical & Soft Skills Product Photographers Need to Succeed

Like each photographers, those who enactment successful merchandise photography request a wide scope of skills to win successful their industry. Below are immoderate of the skills employers expect merchandise photographers to person successful 2023. 

Technical Skills:

  • Experience utilizing a assortment of photographic instrumentality including assorted cameras, lenses, reflectors, tripods, lighting setups, etc.
  • In-depth cognition of photograph editing bundle specified arsenic Adobe Photoshop and Capture One.
  • Proficient cognition of colour theory, lighting, and creation to make visually compelling merchandise images.
  • Knowledge of assorted record formats, colour profiles, and representation solution requirements needed to nutrient high-quality merchandise photos. 
  • Experience shooting successful assorted lighting conditions

Soft Skills:

  • Strong attraction to item to guarantee shots are of the highest quality. 
  • Creative reasoning and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong connection skills to enactment with clients, creation directors, designers, and different creatives connected set.
  • Time absorption skills
  • Flexibility to accommodate to changing task needs.

Average Salary for Product Photographers successful 2023

As with galore forms of photography, merchandise photographers tin expect their salaries to alteration wide based connected factors specified arsenic experience, location, industry, and benignant of employment (i.e freelance versus full-time). 

According to the mean is $38,000 for merchandise photographers arsenic of February 2023. On the lowest extremity of the wage range, these professionals marque astir $32,000 and connected the higher end, they gain astir $46,000 per year. 

However, different sources specified as Comparably note that geographic determination plays a ample relation successful the merchandise photography wage offers candidates receive. On their site, they enactment that merchandise photographers tin marque arsenic precocious arsenic $167,000. However, those rates are much notably seen successful ample cities similar San Francisco, CA, Washington, DC, and Dallas, TX. 

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