Prograis open to Catterall fight, sends warning to Haney

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REGIS PROGRAIS says a combat against Jack Catterall could hap soon if different opponents unavailable.

The 34-year-old super-lightweight fights astatine location successful New Orleans against Danielito Zorrilla connected June 17. His 30th nonrecreational contention volition people his archetypal outing successful 2023 and his debut for Matchroom aft signing with Eddie Hearn past month.

Hearn besides promotes Catterall. ‘El Gato’ joined the Essex outfit astatine the extremity of March on with Sunny Edwards and Shannon Ryan. The 29-year-old marked his archetypal quality for Matchroom by impressively beating Darragh Foley past play successful Manchester.

Catterall is keen connected facing Prograis and recently told Boxing News, “I don’t spot immoderate roadblocks successful making that fight. We beauteous overmuch agreed presumption a mates of months agone nether a antithetic banner [Probellum]. Through nary responsibility of my ain and Regis that combat fell done and present I judge with Eddie helium tin present that fight.”

Speaking to FightHype Prograis said the matchup tin hap but lone if a fewer different plans autumn by the wayside.

“If we can’t get a Devin [Haney] oregon [Subriel] Matias oregon thing similar that adjacent oregon similar a Josh Taylor I deliberation that astir apt would beryllium the adjacent combat due to the fact that he’s with Matchroom excessively and it’s easier to get made.”

Prograis admitted helium had not seen Catterall’s triumph implicit Foley but paid him afloat respect regardless.

“Jack is simply a bully fighter, and we were expected to combat [when] we was with the aforesaid institution a portion agone but it conscionable didn’t enactment out. So hopefully we tin inactive combat and conjecture what present we tin marque adjacent much wealth and it tin beryllium an adjacent bigger fight. Maybe that could beryllium a adjacent fight. We’ll spot what happens.”

Another antheral who has Prograis connected his radar is Devin Haney. A determination to super-lightweight looks connected the cards for the existent super-lightweight champion who precocious called Hearn to archer him ‘Rougarou’ was the combat helium wanted astatine 140lbs.

Prograis expressed his ain sentiment connected what Haney should bash adjacent and doubted whether the 24-year-old could grip the 10-stone division.

“Might beryllium the champion determination [for Haney] to combat Loma again but if helium travel to ‘40 they got bigger stronger people. Obviously, helium has skills, but I don’t deliberation helium tin basal up to those punches.

“He truly doesn’t person excessively overmuch powerfulness anyhow truthful what he’s gonna bash astatine ’40? I don’t know. Probably get a loop from Rolly [Rolando Romero] oregon thing similar that. I deliberation he’s successful a hard position. I deliberation the champion happening to bash for him [is] bro you gotta tally it back.”

The American admitted his astonishment astatine Haney contacting Hearn. Prograis’ trainer told his complaint helium believes the fig 1 lightweight is nether unit to bash thing due to the fact that of the scrutiny surrounding his triumph implicit Lomachenko.

“My trainer was similar Devin gonna person to bash thing big. He said what happens is radical gonna unit you into things. The media each talking similar antheral you mislaid that combat truthful they get to you.

“So, helium called Eddie. He said helium wanna combat me, I deliberation possibly it’s unit oregon possibly helium truly feeling similar that but yeah, I was amazed helium said that. After Devin had that combat with Loma I was similar bro ain’t nary mode helium could travel look astatine my mode but helium did truthful let’s bash it.”

Southpaw Prograis did not mince his words erstwhile helium was asked however helium thought a combat betwixt him and Haney would play out.

“I deliberation I wounded him. I truly deliberation I wounded him. Stop him, I don’t cognize but I decidedly deliberation I wounded him.

“I mean conscionable solely based connected looking astatine Loma. Loma’s a left-handed combatant and Loma’s smaller. Loma wounded him a fewer times successful that fight. I’m a earthy ‘40 pounder and I really person power. I bash effort to wounded my opponents. I’m going to effort to wounded you.

“I’m accelerated and I’m beardown truthful I conscionable consciousness similar if helium got deed with the aforesaid shots from maine that helium got deed by with Loma I decidedly consciousness similar I’d wounded him.”

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