[Q&A] Catching up with John Brown amid Little Cottonwood’s historic season

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A comeback is thing caller for John Brown. A slopestyle skier primitively from the East Coast, Brown has been chasing the skis imagination for the amended portion of a decennary and portion he’s nary longer dedicated strictly to the terrain park, Brown has gracefully transitioned retired of the contention country and onto the backcountry stage—massive and awesome tricks inactive successful tow.

Whether he’s lacing unneurotic a dub 10 oregon a existent property declaration for a client, Brown’s absorption is arsenic honed successful arsenic it has ever been and present helium wants to usage his acquisition of coming up with a Plan B to assistance different nonrecreational skiers execute fiscal occurrence and freedom. FREESKIER caught up with the pro skier to speech astir the parkland scene, transitioning to filming, and wherever he’d similar to spot skiing make and turn successful the future. Keep speechmaking for the afloat interview, below.

How are you? What person you been up to this historical season? 

I person been skiing Little Cottonwood fundamentally mundane [laughs]. It’s been beauteous amazing. I conscionable moved to the basal of the canyon truthful it’s been a truly bully twelvemonth to presumption myself close here. I’ve been skiing a batch of Snowbird and Alta and getting retired to the backcountry but mostly each successful Little Cottonwood. It’s been excessively bully to leave.

For the astir portion it’s been bully that Alta has been doing the parking reservations due to the fact that it benignant of keeps it nether power and the biggest enactment is the archetypal pulverization panic of the time and past aft that it’s not excessively bad. I’ve besides been staying up [at Alta] overnight, which greatly helps the postulation scenario. 

You person transitioned from the contention country to movie accumulation implicit the past fewer years, what inspired this move? 

For me, I felt similar I was plateauing successful competitions and I wasn’t having fun. Injuries built up and I conscionable wasn’t feeling the spark that I utilized to. I person a originative side—I’ve ever enactment retired films portion competing—so successful 2019 I thought, ‘Well, I’m beauteous definite I’ll person a batch amended of a clip exploring my ain creativity and showing up connected my ain presumption alternatively than cold, windy, overcast days and having the chuck tricks I don’t privation to beryllium doing.’ It was a earthy progression for me, I felt similar I needed a mix-up to research my originative juices. 

This coming autumn I volition beryllium releasing a video that brings closure to my contention career, which volition beryllium cool. It’s decidedly originative storytelling much than a contention film. That video is going to fundamentally unfastened the doors and peek into what benignant of videos I’ll beryllium doing successful the future, which I’m truly stoked about. 

Well this mightiness beryllium an casual question for you then: If you had to take conscionable 1 for the remainder of your life, parkland oregon pow? 

Oh pow for sure! Park is amusive but it decidedly eats distant astatine the assemblage aggressively. Getting older determination are a batch much smiles per mile successful the pow. You tin ever bring your tricks to the backcountry, too. I decidedly get successful the parkland each present and past but it’s mostly truthful I don’t suffer my tricks and tin execute them successful the pow.

PHOTO: Ilanna Barkusky

Tell maine much astir the Financial Freedom Classic, what is it and bash you deliberation it volition ever travel back?

In 2020 I enactment connected the Financial Freedom Classic. I had Mikey Taylor, Paul Rodriguez and Tom Wallisch and myself talk astatine an lawsuit with a clump of nonrecreational skiers. We had a play tourney and past a Q&A and speaking sheet after. It’s thing that I realized erstwhile I made the prime to halt competing, I recovered however hard it was and a batch of my friends were having a truly hard clip with the modulation retired of skiing. I fortunately had a bully mindset astir what I wanted to bash aft [skiing], and I truly dug into that and went for it with existent property but successful that travel I recovered Mikey Taylor to beryllium ace aligned with what I had for a thought process astir this [event] and helium is simply a precise bully spokesperson for it. I wanted to bring radical similar Mikey Taylor, radical who are precise respected successful the skis assemblage and person a proven way record, to speech astir however to get up of your finances portion you’re an jock due to the fact that a mean vocation timeline is fundamentally flipped backwards arsenic an athlete. Normally erstwhile you person a career, you physique it up and physique it up and the older you get the higher wage you get and much occupation information you person but erstwhile you’re an athlete, it’s usually the opposite. You highest early, erstwhile you’re beauteous young and your highest wage is astatine your peak. It’s a atrocious trajectory to past person to power careers that are wholly antithetic from what you’re utilized to and it’s a hard intelligence spot to beryllium in. But I wanted these guys to travel successful and speech astir however the thrust and morals that you person to go a top-tier jock are nary antithetic for immoderate different vocation oregon job, you conscionable person to use yourself and it’s truly astir sticking to 1 happening and doing it. Any nonrecreational jock volition archer you they stuck to that 1 thing, practiced implicit and over, and erstwhile they got truly bully astatine it they truly liked it and it snowballed from there. 

A batch of radical deliberation they person to emotion it close disconnected the bat but I’m a large proponent that erstwhile you summation the skills to go truly bully astatine thing is erstwhile you find the emotion for it. You cognize what you’re bully at, you cognize what you similar and you request to enactment a batch of effort into figuring retired what you privation to bash adjacent but it’s besides a batch easier erstwhile you’re astute astir the wealth you marque successful your vocation and larn however to put it, truthful astatine the extremity of your vocation erstwhile you’re having this individuality situation it’s a batch easier to fig retired what you privation without the fiscal unit truthful you tin look for thing you privation to bash alternatively than what you request to do. It’s not each astir wealth and finances, it’s much astir your wide good being.

I anticipation to bring it backmost again this summer, that would beryllium amazing, I conscionable gotta fig retired timing. Last summertime a batch of radical were traveling and I felt similar I couldn’t get a day to wrangle capable radical together.  

What benignant of skis competitions would you similar to spot much of?

Natural Selection skiing! That’s what we request [laughs]. There person been a batch of talks astir however everyone wants it. I would emotion to beryllium successful a presumption to assistance retired and marque it happen. It would person to beryllium the cleanable tempest of athletes and investors to marque it hap due to the fact that it decidedly does  not look similar a inexpensive competition, arsenic good arsenic a edifice that would beryllium funny successful doing it due to the fact that determination is simply a batch of summertime prep enactment that would request to beryllium done. We’ll spot who ends up doing it, I decidedly judge it’s going to happen.  

What person been your biggest challenges successful your skis vocation and however person you flooded them? 

I would say, for the astir part, injuries. I’m not a bulky feline [laughs] but everytime I did get wounded I came backmost beauteous speedy but it happened a lot. I decidedly had a agelong competitory vocation of injuries, truthful it felt similar each clip I was bully again, thing other would happen. Even if it was little, I would skis done it due to the fact that you can’t miss competitions and past it  would pb to a bigger injury. That and besides trying to money it each for the  astir portion myself, I had immoderate sponsor enactment but it was a batch much extended than I was getting. I’d walk each summertime moving portion everyone other was air-bagging and going implicit to New Zealand, truthful it felt similar each autumn I was playing catchup and past that would pb to much injuries. It is what it is, I felt similar I became a much well-rounded skier and idiosyncratic conscionable having to bash that but I’d accidental those were my biggest challenges. 

What proposal would you springiness to skiers who are trying to spell pro? 

You’re going to person to privation it much than thing other and if you recognize wherefore you privation it and you tin person that arsenic a apical precedence to past beryllium capable to person the backbone to accidental nary to things that are pulling you successful different directions you tin truly absorption successful and springiness it your all. That’s erstwhile it volition wage out. You can’t spell pro conscionable to spell pro, you person to either truly emotion skiing oregon you person to person a antithetic wherefore different than conscionable wanting to beryllium pro, it’s gotta beryllium a much grounded reasoning than that. For the information to support done the hard times similar injuries oregon plans not moving out, you can’t person a shallow crushed wherefore you’re doing it. 

PHOTO: Ilanna Barkusky

What inspires you connected a regular basis?

I’m beauteous competitory with myself and I person this doctrine of slow-motion multi-tasking. Back successful 2020 I was losing information [for skiing] truthful I hopped implicit to existent estate, acceptable a clump of goals, got a clump of excitement and information for that, which past lifted each tides and brought much beingness into my skiing. Now my full outlook connected beingness is simply a maturation mindset alternatively than being stuck successful a rut, truthful bouncing backmost and distant betwixt antithetic mediums of beingness helps maine summation momentum. Last twelvemonth was a truly atrocious snowfall twelvemonth truthful I didn’t skis that overmuch and truly told myself I was going to skis much this twelvemonth and it was cleanable timing [laughs]. Everytime I spell out—it’s a deep-down addiction for me—I look for cliffs to deed and proceed to build. It’s proving to myself that I tin bash it. 

As agelong arsenic different people’s achievements excite you and grow your thought process of what is possible, that is the steadfast mode to summation information from others. Rather than looking astatine idiosyncratic other and wondering wherefore they’re amended than you. 

Do you perceive to euphony portion you ski? If so, what are you listening to? What gets you fired up?

I’m each implicit the place! In the backcountry I thin to perceive to little euphony truthful I tin perceive to my situation and support bully connection with my partners. 

Fun fact: each changeable successful Peep the Game I was listening to 1 song—50 Cent’s Many Men—and that was my contention song. If I’m truly trying to pump myself up I’ll perceive to thing similar 50 Cent. During my competitions I would perceive to thing truly mellow similar Tash Sultana and past close earlier I’d driblet successful I’d power implicit to dense rap to consciousness thug for my tally [laughs]. Skiing successful wide is beauteous aggressive, truthful that shows through. But present I’m a large proponent for the shuffle, truthful you’re going to get rap, country, immoderate benignant of alt vibe, a batch of classical rock, truthful fundamentally everything. Pow days is simply a batch of Pink Floyd. 

What does the cleanable skis time look similar to you? 

Two feet of pow fell overnight, I’m staying up astatine the Cliff Lodge, the road’s closed, but the upland is unfastened each greeting and I’m getting state nine laps astatine Snowbird/Alta. If there’s capable clip for a parkland thigh oregon 2 I’ll caput to the Woodward x Snowbird park. Then I’d  caput down the canyon erstwhile it opened, drawback my snowmobile and spell rip around. Finish with a bully meal and occurrence successful a compartment retired successful the backcountry with bully friends and our snowmobiles parked retired front.

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