[Q&A] Getting real with Caite Zeliff

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Featured image: Nic Alegre

Over the past 5 years, Caite Zeliff has etched her sanction successful skiing’s past books by claiming the first-ever Queen of Corbet’s rubric successful 2018 and again the adjacent twelvemonth erstwhile she solidified her lasting with a back-to-back triumph astatine the present infamous Jackson Hole event, Kings and Queens of Corbet’s. The stomp that was heard astir the satellite earned Caite undeniable notoriety some connected societal media, arsenic good arsenic successful the industry. Production companies similar Warren Miller, Teton Gravity Research and Matchstick Productions started calling and the erstwhile skis racer enactment her champion skis footwear forward—producing movie parts that volition beryllium watched and emulated by small girls for years to come.

But similar astir each different jock story, Caite has experienced her just stock of vocation curveballs and injuries. This season, you apt haven’t seen oregon heard overmuch from her until precocious owed to a large backmost injury. Instead of hiding, Caite has fearlessly travel retired to archer her information and to amusement that she is, successful fact, a quality conscionable similar the remainder of us. Physical ailments and intelligence turmoil person not evaded Caite’s vocation but present the nonrecreational jock is utilizing each of her experience, bully and bad, to assistance others physique the careers they’ve ever dreamed of. To dive deeper than Instagram could ever go, we caught up with Caite to speech astir the good, the atrocious and the downright disfigured parts of the skis manufacture and the lessons she’s learned on the way. Keep speechmaking for 1 of the realest conversations we could person with an athlete.

PHOTO: Eric Parker

How are you doing? Where are you currently?

I’m successful Seattle astatine the moment, I’ve been staying successful Girdwood for the past 2 weeks and I emotion it but a clump of crap went down with the task I had going connected and I conscionable had to beryllium good with it. Marcus Caston is doing a Return of the Turn astatine Tuckerman’s Ravine successful New Hampshire, and helium called maine and asked if I wanted to join. So I’m headed location to skis that and bent out. Just trying to inactive beryllium productive astatine the extremity of the play careless of my back. 

You’ve been staying successful Alaska the past mates weeks, what person you been doing up there? How are the conditions?

Alaska has been awesome! My sponsors person been truthful supportive but they and my task spouse and my filmer person each asked maine not to propulsion thing [with my injury] truthful I listened. It’s shitty due to the fact that I consciousness similar I’m acceptable for it for a batch of reasons but the world is I was pushing my recovery—safely, with doctors—I felt good with it but it was 1 of those things wherever my sponsors astatine The North Face were truly questioning if I was ready, successful a steadfast way. I deliberation that came from losing Hilaree Nelson and the marque taking inventory connected the unit they enactment connected athletes and they made it incredibly wide that determination was nary unit coming from their end, which I deliberation is incredible. But it was besides truly heartbreaking due to the fact that I person been moving truthful hard to get acceptable and it ever sucks erstwhile an wounded ends thing you were looking guardant to. 

But possibly this is each a metallic lining, opening you up for much opportunities?

For sure! And it’s also, successful immoderate ways, allowed maine to deliberation astir a two-year task and thing I truly privation to do. Like this journey, what I’ve truly taken distant from skiing contented instauration is it feels similar a batch of radical resonate with the quality facet of this sport. The task I was going to marque this twelvemonth was going to beryllium a classical ‘two girls shredding connected their sleds successful Alaska’ and I emotion that but determination are a batch of bigger stories to tell. I deliberation being honorable with my wounded has truly resonated with radical and I privation to support moving successful that direction. I volition ever support skiing and skiing good but determination are a batch of stories we tin archer and amusement that we’re each conscionable quality and trying to past [laughs]. 

What has this wounded taught you?

I was worrying much astir what sponsors wanted than my ain happiness due to the fact that that’s however I was conditioned but that’s not my sponsors’ fault, they aren’t putting unit connected me. I americium putting the unit connected myself and that’s my problem. Prior to truly reasoning astir it, I don’t deliberation I realized however messed up my reasoning was. For the past 3 years it’s been, “that’ll beryllium bully for my career, that’ll beryllium bully for my career, that’ll beryllium bully for my career.” It was never, “what bash you want?” 

If you could spell backmost and bash thing antithetic successful presumption of processing your skis career, would you? 

I don’t deliberation I would, to beryllium honorable with you. I had to larn each of these lessons for myself. We privation it truthful atrocious arsenic athletes and I person been honorable with pistillate athletes astir definite relationships oregon brands. It’s casual to presume that conscionable due to the fact that idiosyncratic other had a atrocious acquisition it won’t hap to you oregon conscionable due to the fact that different skiers get injured, you won’t get injured. I retrieve being younger and seeing Angel [Collinson] being honorable connected societal media astir burnout and reasoning “how could you ever pain retired of this lifestyle,” and present I americium facing burnout. Or with my backmost injury, I don’t deliberation I would person learned however to find steep landings without this injury—I would’ve conscionable continued surviving similar I was superhuman oregon something. There truly is thing that I would change, the lone happening would beryllium to not beryllium truthful affected by what radical successful the midwest down a machine surface are saying astir my skiing due to the fact that that’s not what matters [laughs]. 

PHOTO: Bryan Ralph

What benignant of proposal would you springiness to girls who are presently moving astatine becoming a nonrecreational skier? 

It’s truthful complex. There are each the truly casual ones: Believe successful yourself. Keep moving hard. Surround yourself with radical you tin spot and tin propulsion you. But honestly, what I’m learning is that we don’t request to comparison ourselves to men. For the longest clip I didn’t needfully privation to skis similar a girl, I conscionable wanted to beryllium bully and adjacent and I deliberation that mindset really caused maine much symptom successful the consciousness that I was ne'er bully capable for myself. My benignant has ne'er been tricks and airs, truthful erstwhile I spot a 16-year-old lad throwing backflips and I don’t adjacent similar excavation capable to bash them successful beforehand of a camera, it’s casual to accidental “Why americium I here? I don’t merit this.” 

I’m not saying we should comparison ourselves to women either, I deliberation examination is our worst enemy, but I would accidental get psyched connected your style, immoderate that is. Jim Ryan erstwhile told maine to conscionable play to my strengths and bash what I emotion and I realized I was wasting truthful overmuch clip and vigor worrying astir what I thought I needed to bash alternatively of focusing connected fostering the parts of my skiing that I americium people bully astatine and genuinely emotion doing. I deliberation it’s casual to get caught up successful what the manufacture wants, but trying to bash what each the men bash astir killed me. I bash deliberation it’s important to propulsion ourselves and person goals and beryllium excited but I deliberation it’s important to bash what you are excited astir due to the fact that that is what volition support you harmless and healthy. 

I besides privation I had a spot much fun. Somewhere on the enactment I benignant of forgot however overmuch I emotion skiing due to the fact that it’s besides however I was paying the bills and it became a precise antithetic game. When you’re trying to marque wealth from skiing, that’s not an casual happening to do, truthful you consciousness similar you request to beryllium the champion to get by. So conscionable effort to person much amusive with it. When I’m having fun, that shines through. That’s what is truthful cool, it’s a originative expression. Once I got it into my caput that skiing is creative, I felt empowered by that. I’ve been an jock my full beingness but person ne'er truly thought of myself arsenic an creator and past erstwhile I started looking astatine skiing arsenic much of an creator endeavor, that took a batch of unit off. We’re each retired determination to person a bully time, it tin get dense astatine times and feels truly aggravated but effort not to suffer the joyousness due to the fact that that’s truly the lone crushed we’re doing it. 

There’s a saying retired determination that examination is the decease of joy—how bash you support from comparing yourself to different athletes, particularly erstwhile you’re connected specified a stacked squad similar The North Face?

I consciousness similar the chill happening astir The North Face, astatine slightest from my experience, is it is truly treated much similar a originative endeavor oregon manner arsenic opposed to a career. These sports are truthful overmuch a portion of these peoples’ lives. I’ve ne'er felt much astatine location than being surrounded by The North Face jock squad successful Bishop, California. I person an unthinkable household and enactment strategy that loves maine much than thing but I person ever felt similar a achromatic sheep due to the fact that I emotion to bash death-defying worldly and scare the crap retired of myself and astir radical deliberation I’m brainsick but past each of a abrupt I was successful a country of radical who genuinely recognize that. I person a household successful my teammates there. There’s nary lick of competitory quality connected that squad and I americium truthful grateful for that. All of my sponsors are the aforesaid way. Where I felt the astir contention is successful the accumulation institution world. The North Face has a batch of pistillate athletes connected the team, I would reason it’s really astir apt 50-50 truthful determination isn’t this feeling that you person to combat for your abstraction due to the fact that there’s plentifulness of country for each of us. Whereas successful the accumulation companies, until precise recently, we each person to hold that determination has been the token pistillate successful skis movies. 

Basically, erstwhile TGR and I went our abstracted ways, I would beryllium lying if I said I wasn’t wounded erstwhile I was replaced. And past I was having these antagonistic feelings toward the pistillate who did regenerate maine who wholly deserves the accidental to beryllium successful a skis movie. I’m not arrogant of that knee-jerk absorption but we person been benignant of conditioned and possibly it’s conscionable me. I’ve ever been the underdog and person worked truly hard and sometimes it feels similar radical who aren’t moving arsenic hard are getting the opportunities but possibly it’s conscionable that they are having much amusive portion moving hard.

Being a nonrecreational skier tin get STRESSFUL sometimes, however bash you support your caput connected consecutive erstwhile it gets chaotic? 

I’m not precise bully astatine it, to beryllium honorable [laughs]. I deliberation that’s wherefore I don’t vie anymore, oregon ne'er truly liked to, due to the fact that I don’t emotion that unit and intensity. I deliberation done this injury, however, due to the fact that it’s my archetypal wounded to hap wrong skis season—I’ve blown my ACL skis racing anterior to becoming pro and breached my limb astatine the extremity of a season—but this was the archetypal wounded to get successful the mode of my vocation and I was besides going done a breakup arsenic it happened truthful I decided to instrumentality a interruption from each substances, including java due to the fact that I’m a masochist [laughs]. I was successful the occurrence and I didn’t numb myself astatine each and I truly sat with my feelings and I learned to respire done it and spot these feelings of anxiousness volition subside.

I deliberation 1 of my goals moving guardant is to effort to support that calm that I’m capable to find erstwhile I’m astatine location and things are calm erstwhile I’m successful these stressful situations. I person gotten bully astatine it connected a line, for example, but erstwhile I’m getting calls that I mightiness beryllium going to Alaska oregon I mightiness not, that benignant of accent I’m inactive moving on. On the extracurricular I’m chill arsenic a cucumber but connected the wrong my caput is racing but it’s due to the fact that I attraction truthful much. All we tin bash is instrumentality it time by day, particularly with this injury. Some days I aftermath up and consciousness stronger than I’ve ever been and immoderate days I aftermath up feeling similar I slept a small funky. So being contiguous successful the infinitesimal and breaking it up into segments has truly helped maine judge that I’m susceptible of what I’ve acceptable retired to do. That’s not to accidental I’ve ne'er had immoderate uncertainty but I genuinely cognize that not believing successful myself isn’t serving maine anymore. 

PHOTO: Bryan Ralph

What are immoderate ways you “treat yo self” and however often bash you signifier aforesaid care?

I emotion aforesaid care! Obviously with this backmost wounded it has been casual not to consciousness immoderate guilt astir aforesaid care. I emotion a bully massage, I’m truly into acold plunging—that 1 is bully for maine mentally and physically. You cognize erstwhile you instrumentality a large cliff deed and past you person a comedown, that’s however I consciousness acold plunging is. For a portion I was moving with an acupuncturist due to the fact that my tense strategy was each jacked up, I deliberation conscionable from the quality of this manufacture arsenic good arsenic being a accent lawsuit but my assemblage was successful a changeless fight-or-flight mode for years. It’s casual arsenic an jock to instrumentality attraction of your assemblage but trying to bash things for the systems I can’t see—I spell to therapy, I slumber a lot, I instrumentality naps, I bash blistery tubs. All of my friends volition telephone maine if they request a healer due to the fact that I person each healer’s fig successful Jackson and I’m creating a ridiculous database of healers successful Anchorage and Girdwood [laughs]. For a portion determination I was getting a massage each week, acold plunging daily, acupuncture weekly, I was doing reiki work, I was doing truthful overmuch and astir excessively much. Nutrition is different unthinkable mode to instrumentality attraction of your assemblage and that’s aforesaid attraction too. 

Skiing professionally tin beryllium a harsh world sometimes, what is it astir this athletics that keeps you bare for much twelvemonth aft year?

The challenge. I cognize I inactive person much successful the vessel and it’s not to beryllium thing to anyone, I would conscionable similar to maestro my craft. When I americium connected skis, erstwhile everything is flowing and working, that is the astir magical feeling successful the world. Knowing that I person the quality to get into that travel authorities and to person the creativity connected skis, I deliberation sometimes to instrumentality inventory due to the fact that erstwhile you’re an adept skier you tin virtually marque turns wherever you privation connected the mountain. Being an jock is the champion vocation way for maine close present due to the fact that I bash prioritize my health. I conjecture I could bash that successful different vocation but this 1 truly allows maine to prioritize my wellness and instrumentality attraction of myself. It makes maine privation to beryllium astatine the apical of my crippled and bash things that truly assistance maine turn and I deliberation I request that information and skiing happens to beryllium it. 

I would besides accidental that skiing has taught maine and showed maine much successful my beingness than thing else. Getting to question the satellite arsenic a child, basically, skis racing successful precocious schoolhouse and getting truthful overmuch experience, seeing truthful galore different places, realizing however large the satellite truly is. And besides being frightened a batch of not being capable to trust connected anyone else. Standing connected apical of a enactment determination is cipher you tin telephone on, that’s connected you, and I deliberation it’s a large metaphor for beingness due to the fact that you truly person to beryllium capable to thin connected yourself and I deliberation being frightened successful the mountains has shown maine that I americium susceptible of truthful overmuch much than I could ever imagine. It besides allows maine to proceed my education. I dropped retired of assemblage not to pursuit being a pro skier but due to the fact that accepted acquisition wasn’t for me. I emotion to learn, truthful I proceed to instrumentality avy courses, I got my EMT this fall—all due to the fact that I privation to beryllium the champion upland spouse I tin be. 

I consciousness similar I was enactment connected this Earth to ski. When Hilaree [Nelson] died I questioned if this was worthy it and past erstwhile I had this wounded I was removed from it each and I realized I americium a fraction of the quality being that I americium retired of the mountains. When I started getting backmost into the mountains, everything astir maine lit up. My tegument got colour back, my eyes got clearer, I felt good, I was much social, funnier, thoughts were flowing and I was much creative. There’s conscionable truthful overmuch that the mountains springiness me, truthful it was really a chill process to beryllium retired of them for the longest play I’ve ever been retired of them and announcement determination was a genuine quality successful who I was arsenic a person. I cognize I could find that elsewhere but close present I conscionable don’t privation to.

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