Read’s AI-powered summary feature squeezes a meeting into a two-minute clip

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Summarization is 1 of the communal usage cases of antithetic AI models. Multiple tools person travel up with a summarization of articles, PDFs, videos, and transcripts. Meeting quality instrumentality Read has introduced a caller diagnostic that trims an hour-long gathering into a two-minute clip with important pointers.

The institution said that it is utilizing ample connection models — without specifying which 1 — combined with video investigation to recognize the astir notable parts of the meeting. Read besides incorporates participants’ reactions successful the item reel. Users tin spell to their signaling of a gathering and crook disconnected the “Play highlights only” toggle to spot the condensed clip.

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Read was co-founded successful 2021 by erstwhile Foursquare CEO David Shim to stitchery gathering intelligence. The tool, which works with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex gives you analytics similar sentiment, and subordinate engagement scores to supply cognition astir the effectiveness of a meeting. The institution has raised $10 cardinal successful effect funding from investors similar Madrona Venture Group and PSL Ventures.

Shim said that watching a signaling of an hour-long gathering is precise boring. He compared watching the two-minute reel to watching highlights of a sports game. He besides mentioned that during the trial period, the institution recovered that immoderate clients had an impactful summation successful productivity.

“During a preview period, bureau clients experienced a 30%+ summation successful productivity for employees. Tedious tasks including pulling unneurotic notes were completed automatically, and the sharing of these notes on with manually generated video highlights eliminated the request to acceptable up a gathering to speech astir the past meeting,” helium said successful a statement.

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In January, Read introduced a text-based summary powered by OpenAI’s GPT model. The video item diagnostic is an improvement of that. The demo beneath shows that astatine times the highlights chopped the talker mid-sentence, which becomes annoying erstwhile trying to perceive to important points. The institution said it is moving connected improving this aspect.

Read besides noted that successful the coming weeks, it volition incorporated substance summaries successful the videos utilizing captions.

Tons of companies — including Otter and Zoom — are moving connected providing AI-aided summaries of meetings. While astir of them usage immoderate benignant of ample connection model, Read’s attack to having a TikTok-styled abbreviated video summary tin entreaty to a idiosyncratic looking to skim done aggregate missed meetings.

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