Recycled Beer Bottle Ads - Corona's Campaigns Encourage Consumers to Recycle Empty Packaging (

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To promote recycling, Corona created a bid of brew vessel ads with nary brew bottles successful sight. These ads from a run crafted by advertizing agencies DAVID São Paulo and DAVID Bogota assistance to summation user acquisition and promote liable disposal of bare packaging aft use. These visuals state: "We returned the vessel of this ad. Return yours."

In the lack of its ain product, different marque details get to radiance through, specified arsenic the logo, arsenic good arsenic the beauteous earthy settings wherever radical often bask a vessel of brew outside. Ultimately, this inaugural aims to trim formation and water pollution, keeping outdoor spaces escaped from waste.

As portion of the brand's recycling task crossed 4 participating countries, much than 2 cardinal bare bottles person been sent back.

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