Refreshing Whisky Cocktails - The Whitebox Whisky Highball Elevates a Classic Whisky Cocktail (

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The Whitebox Whisky Highball is simply a canned cocktail that not lone makes a classical whisky cocktail much convenient, it besides adds involvement with a hint of peach and achromatic tea. According to Whitebox Cocktails, "this cocktail is each astir equilibrium betwixt the whisky, and the carbonation of the soda, and erstwhile done close it is greater than the sum of its parts."

Using its location blend of whisky that was specifically designed for highballs, Whitebox Cocktails combined 100% malted barley whisky from a azygous highland distillery with peach and beverage essences for agleam flavors and fruity notes.

Thanks to its adust and refreshing nature, this whisky cocktail successful a tin is cleanable arsenic a pre-dinner portion oregon an alternate to brew oregon different carbonated beverages.

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