Regulator criticised over whistle-blower response

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Major failings person been identified astatine the assemblage liable for regulating England's wellness and attraction sector.

Two reviews into the Care Quality Commission (CQC) were ordered aft an employment tribunal recovered surgeon Shyam Kumar had been unfairly dismissed by the autarkic regulator aft raising diligent information concerns.

The reviews recovered problems with however whistle-blowing concerns were acted on.

But they said determination was nary grounds of contention favoritism successful the case.

The CQC said it had apologised for the unacceptably mediocre attraction Mr Kumar received and pledged to enactment connected the findings of the 2 reviews it had commissioned pursuing the tribunal.

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Orthopaedic surgeon Shyam Kumar worked part-time for the Care Quality Commission

Mr Kumar worked part-time for the CQC arsenic a peculiar advisor connected infirmary inspections, betwixt 2015 and 2019.

But past twelvemonth Manchester Employment Tribunal recovered the orthopaedic surgeon was unfairly dismissed from his CQC role. He has been awarded compensation.

Mr Kumar had reported concerns regarding inadequate infirmary inspections, unit bullying and superior diligent harm, but claimed his concerns were ignored.

'Meaningful change'

One review, carried retired by a barrister, looked astatine the handling of his case, portion a 2nd - led by a elder authoritative astatine the CQC - looked astatine what wider lessons could beryllium learnt.

The barrister-led reappraisal praised Mr Kumar for ever acting successful bully faith, and successful the interests of diligent safety.

Both reviews published a drawstring of criticisms astir however the CQC executed their relation arsenic regulator of England's wellness and attraction sector.

These included an unacceptable saltation successful however whistle-blowing concerns were responded to, with grounds that immoderate cases passed connected to the regulator had been handled poorly.

And, portion nary grounds of direct, oregon indirect, contention favoritism was identified, the CQC was told it needed to bash much enactment to place racism - specified arsenic collecting information astir contention erstwhile whistle-blowers rise concerns, successful bid to assistance show however radical from antithetic taste minorities are treated.

CQC main enforcement Ian Trenholm said helium was grateful for Mr Kumar's input into the reviews - and apologised again for the "unacceptably mediocre treatment" the surgeon had received.

"Now we person received these reports, it's important that we instrumentality clip to see however they tin beryllium a catalyst for meaningful change," said Mr Trenholm.

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