Remote Work Guide: Best Tips to Strike a Balance between Work and Leisure in 2023

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by Kelsey Arrington connected Mar 14, 2023

Remote and hybrid enactment opportunities person been connected the emergence for the past fewer years. And portion this has led to galore innovations successful the enactment environment, it has besides made it progressively challenging for galore folks to gully the enactment betwixt enactment and idiosyncratic time. So, it’s nary astonishment that uncovering a equilibrium betwixt enactment and leisure is simply a apical precedence for galore distant and hybrid employees astir the world. After all, striking a steadfast work-life equilibrium is indispensable – which is wherefore we wrote this article. Below, we volition reappraisal immoderate of the best tips and strategies to assistance folks specify the boundaries betwixt enactment and leisure clip successful 2023. With these champion practices, individuals tin beryllium productive portion besides taking attraction of their idiosyncratic well-being. 

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Essential Work-Life Balance Tips for Remote & Hybrid Employees

If you’re a distant idiosyncratic oregon hybrid employee, surely you cognize the joys and challenges moving from location brings. While moving remotely tin beryllium a alternatively joyous experience, galore professionals find it hard to onslaught a bully work-life equilibrium that allows them to thin to their carnal and intelligence wellness – which is wherefore we’ve enactment unneurotic this list. Below you’ll find immoderate indispensable tips to assistance you equilibrium your enactment and idiosyncratic life. 

  • Don’t beryllium acrophobic to acceptable boundaries. Create a enactment docket that aligns with your employer’s expectations and allows you capable clip to thin to your well-being. Communicate your boundaries with household members oregon roommates to guarantee that you tin enactment productive during moving hours. Likewise, pass the value of your escaped clip to your colleagues by mounting presumption updates connected squad connection platforms specified arsenic Slack oregon putting notes connected your calendar erstwhile you’ll beryllium retired of the office.
  • Designate a circumstantial workstation. Having a dedicated workspace tin beryllium indispensable to your peace of mind as it allows you to make a carnal separation betwixt enactment and idiosyncratic time. Reinforce this conception by focusing connected your tasks portion successful this country and exiting the abstraction for breaks, lunch, and leisure time.
  • Manage your workload effectively. Take a agelong hard look astatine your tasks and measure ways to beryllium much efficient. Can you prevention clip by automating definite tasks? Do you enactment champion erstwhile you’re capable to docket things successful advance? Figure retired the ways you enactment champion past attack your workload from that perspective. Just beryllium definite to pass your enactment process to your supervisors if it’s anything too unorthodox. 
  • Communicate concerns and needs to employers. Talk to your supervisor if you fearfulness that you’re feeling originative burnout oregon that you can’t grip your existent workload. Work with them to travel up with a strategy that empowers you to implicit your tasks portion besides taking clip to recharge and bask your idiosyncratic life. This whitethorn see implementing caller task absorption tools, having play video calls to cheque successful connected a project’s progress, oregon different solutions the 2 of you travel up with together. 
  • Disconnect aft work. Carve retired clip successful your docket to disconnect from the machine and each forms of exertion for a while. Remote enactment demands that folks interact with computers for extended periods of time. So, 1 mode to recharge arsenic a distant worker tin beryllium to disconnect from exertion for an hr oregon two. This tin see putting distant your phone, turning disconnected your tv and laptops, and enjoying a locomotion successful the parkland oregon speechmaking a book instead.
  • Prioritize self-care. After the enactment time is complete, instrumentality attraction of yourself alternatively of focusing connected enactment that you didn’t finish. Make a database of tasks you privation to accomplish, permission it successful your dedicated workstation, and past proceed to walk clip with your family, tally errands, implicit household chores oregon immoderate other you privation to do. Remember, moving from location doesn’t mean you person to overwork. And overworking often leads to a diminution successful the prime produced. Maintaining a steadfast work-life equilibrium volition marque you happier and more productive when you’re connected the clock. 
  • Set realistic expectations. Understand that the lines betwixt enactment and idiosyncratic beingness volition beryllium blurred from clip to time. However, achieving a work-life equilibrium is possible. It conscionable won’t hap 1 100 percent of the time. There volition beryllium days erstwhile projects tally precocious and weeks erstwhile you person to enactment successful a small other clip to impressment a lawsuit oregon supervisor. But with the close tools and boundaries, a equilibrium tin beryllium achieved astir days. 
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Best Practices for Remote & Hybrid Employees Experiencing Burnout

Burnout tin person a superior interaction connected distant and hybrid employees, affecting their idiosyncratic lives arsenic good arsenic their productivity and occupation performance. And it’s wide why. After all, burnout tin pb to feelings of exhaustion and disengagement from work, which tin negatively interaction one’s wide occupation satisfaction. 

Remote and hybrid workers face unsocial enactment conditions that enactment them astatine hazard of burnout, specified arsenic societal isolation, trouble disconnecting from work, and a deficiency of boundaries betwixt idiosyncratic and enactment times. So, it is indispensable for some distant and hybrid employees to follow strategies to forestall burnout, specified arsenic mounting boundaries, taking breaks, and seeking assistance erstwhile needed. But that’s not each you tin do. 

Here are immoderate champion practices to instrumentality if you fearfulness that you are experiencing burnout: 

  1. Look for the informing signs. Have you been feeling exhausted, overly cynical, oregon disengaged from work? Examine your feelings and instrumentality enactment to code them. The sooner you woody with it, the sooner you tin instrumentality to feeling connected and motivated.
  2. Seek show feedback. If you’ve been feeling a small disconnected your game, inquire your colleagues however they feel. Hearing different folks’ perspectives mightiness springiness you the penetration you need. Remote enactment is often done successful a silo, truthful seeking feedback from squad members oregon supervisors tin assistance you during times of burnout oregon anytime you’re seeking to amended your work. 
  3. Pursue caller skills. Learning caller skills and exploring caller opportunities could conscionable beryllium the solution to cure your burnout. After all, galore folks experiencing burnout conscionable request a infinitesimal to recharge. Engaging successful caller hobbies oregon learning experiences extracurricular of the workplace tin springiness you the accidental to recharge and grow your skillset astatine the aforesaid time. 
  4. Build a enactment network. Connect with colleagues, friends, household members, and folks successful online communities that you’re a portion of. During times of burnout, you whitethorn consciousness disconnected from others. Combat that feeling by leaning into the connections you’ve built passim your vocation and life. 
  5. Take clip off. Take the folks successful HR to spot however galore hours of PTO you person disposable and past docket immoderate clip off. Communicate with your supervisor and link with colleagues to manus disconnected assignments up of your vacation. Then, unplug and relax. Taking clip disconnected tin enactment wonders for those who are rapidly approaching burnout. 
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Top Strategies to Strike a Balance betwixt Productivity & Peace of Mind

Even if you’re not experiencing burnout, you whitethorn inactive request tips to onslaught a equilibrium betwixt productivity and bid of mind. Keep speechmaking to find applicable strategies that you tin instrumentality today.

  • Prioritize tasks. Make a to-do database and put your database of tasks according to urgency. Then docket circumstantial times to implicit each task. This way, you tin debar multitasking if it makes you consciousness overwhelmed. Remember, the extremity is to get your enactment done successful an businesslike manner, not to summation your accent levels. So, tackle your enactment successful a mode that works for you. 
  • Delegate tasks erstwhile possible. Identify tasks connected your to-do database that your request assistance with oregon that tin beryllium delegated to others. Crossing things disconnected your task lists volition surely assistance you consciousness much successful power and little stressed during the enactment week. 
  • Take breaks passim the day. In summation to taking a abbreviated luncheon interruption to nourish your body, marque definite you are taking breaks to stretch, blink your eyes, and get a sip of water. Taking abbreviated breaks tin assistance you alteration accent and amended absorption erstwhile you instrumentality to your tasks. 
  • Practice mindfulness. Try yoga, stretching, meditation, and mindfulness techniques to equip yourself with tools that assistance you de-stress.
  • Prioritize remainder and rejuvenation. During the enactment week, marque definite you are getting capable sleep. And erstwhile you can, instrumentality clip disconnected to recharge and absorption connected your idiosyncratic life. This volition assistance to summation productivity and alteration your accent levels successful the agelong run. 

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Best Books to Read About Working Remotely 

After enactment oregon during your clip off, find ways to amended your attack to distant work. The much you refine your routines and strategies, the amended equipped you volition beryllium to grip burnout. Here are immoderate books that whitethorn assistance you arsenic you bespeak connected and refine your distant workflow.

The Burnout Fix: Overcome Overwhelm, Beat Busy, and Sustain Success successful the New World of Work by Dr. Jacinta M Jimenez

If you request burnout tips from apical professionals, crook to this substance by Dr. Jacinta M. Jimenez, a licensed and award-winning scientist and enactment coach. In this book, The Burnout Fix, Dr. Jimenez teaches readers however to physique resilience successful today’s fast-paced satellite and workforce. Filled with tools and strategies folks tin instrumentality quickly, it is an indispensable substance for employees, squad leaders, supervisors, and HR professionals alike.

Remote Not Distant: Design a Company Culture That Will Help You Thrive successful a Hybrid Workplace by Gustavo Razzetti

If you’re looking for ways to lend to a thriving institution civilization oregon physique 1 alongside your colleagues, this is the publication for you. In this text, Remote Note Distant, Gustavo Razzetti reviews halfway concepts concerning however to go a palmy distant leader, however to displacement your mindset to payment the workplace culture, and however to collaborate connected distant and hybrid teams.

Beating Burnout astatine Work: Why Teams Hold the Secret to Well-Being and Resilience by Paula Davis

When you enactment connected a distant team, it tin beryllium casual to hide that you and your colleagues are each successful this together. However, this research-backed substance by Paula Davis serves arsenic a fantastic reminder of the powerfulness of teamwork. In this book, Davis shared stories from her experiences arsenic a manager and teacher, arsenic good arsenic her experiences with burnout during her instrumentality career. Through the stories and insights shared, Davis brings consciousness to however professionals get burnout and the steps they tin instrumentality to forestall that from happening.

Wellbeing astatine Work by Jim Clifton and Jim Harter

On distant and hybrid teams, it’s important for managers and squad leaders to enactment employees and their well-being. But that’s overmuch easier said than done. The bully quality is that texts similar Wellbeing astatine Work by Jim Clifton and Jim Harter connection insights that tin assistance supervisors and employees find the champion strategies to onslaught a steadfast work-life balance.

From Burnout to Purpose: Simple Strategies for a Soul-Fulfilling Approach to Work by Gina S. Calvano

Feeling exhausted and unmotivated? You whitethorn request to work this publication by Gina S. Calvano called From Burnout to Purpose. It’s each astir bridging the spread betwixt our needs and our obligations and preventing burnout from getting excessively bad. So, if you’re up for strategies that beforehand self-care and ways to reconstruct your involvement successful your career, prime up this book.


It goes without saying that distant and hybrid enactment opportunities are present to stay. So, we each person to bash our portion to set to the ever-changing enactment situation and instrumentality attraction of ourselves simultaneously. It’s not ever casual but erstwhile we’re equipped with the close tools and techniques, we tin find the cleanable equilibrium betwixt enactment and leisure.

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