Rent prices: How much have they gone up in your area?

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Person holding a smartphone with a artifact  of flats successful  the background.

Rents for caller lets person accrued by 11.1% successful January 2023 compared to the aforesaid period a twelvemonth before.

This fig varies greatly crossed the UK, with London rents expanding by 15.2%, portion those successful Northern Ireland accrued by 5.7%.

Use the instrumentality beneath to spot what the mean prices are successful your country and however they've accrued successful the past 4 years.

Your instrumentality whitethorn not enactment this visualisation.

About the data

The information comes from Zoopla's spot listings, adjusted to bespeak differences betwixt asking and existent rents.

The mean rent figures shown are based connected the median of one, two, 3 and four-bedroom homes for each period January, adjusted to bespeak the premix of backstage rented homes successful each area.

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