Republican Governor Tells Ron DeSantis What He Shouldn’t Do On The Job

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New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) criticized Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for trying to tacklewokeness” and hole “a taste issue” connected Wednesday (You tin ticker Sununu’s comments below).

Sununu has been captious of both erstwhile President Donald Trump along with DeSantis successful the past year. He gave DeSantis props for his sentiment connected “wokeness” during a CNN interrogation connected Wednesday, however, helium doesn’t deliberation it’s the Florida Republican’s occupation to instrumentality on.

″I deliberation he’s perfectly close that the wokeness is truly invading this civilization successful a precise antagonistic way,” Sununu said.

“Now, wherever we mightiness disagree is should the authorities travel successful and hole woke? Well, the authorities is ne'er utile astatine coming successful and fixing a taste issue.”

Sununu, who said helium was unfastened to moving for president past week, added during his interrogation with CNN anchor Erin Burnett that helium thinks the authorities shouldn’t “be present trying to hole everything.”

“I deliberation we person to onslaught [wokeness] successful America but I’m a escaped marketplace guy... If a concern wants to beryllium woke, I don’t hold with it – I wholly disagree with it, but it’s not up for the authorities to travel successful and punish a concern oregon penalize a business,” Sununu said.

He added: “Because present you’re mounting a precedent for Democrats to travel in. And erstwhile they instrumentality the reins of enactment to penalize a concern for being excessively conservative, that’s crossing a very, precise slippery slope.”

Sununu, who has ads that look to beryllium moving successful Iowa and South Carolina, hasn’t been quiescent astir DeSantis and his imaginable 2024 statesmanlike run.

He told CNN’s Dana Bash past period that DeSantis, who helium precocious said could bash good successful his location state, could arguably bushed Trump successful a superior battle. He added that DeSantis could marque a bully president earlier distinguishing himself from the Florida governor.

“I deliberation a batch of Republican governors could beryllium bully [presidents]...,” helium said.

“Everyone connects with voters differently, right? I mean, I don’t privation to talk specifically to Ron but I person my style, helium has his style, everyone’s a small different, each authorities is different.”

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